1-1-11 or 1/1/11 or One One OneOne

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Not being a real numbers person, I have not even bothered to look up what the possible significance of this New Year’s day might be but I heard someone say it was important and mystical because it “won’t happen again for 100 years”.  I was nice and resisted the urge to say “duh!”.

I did have a few random thoughts of my own though.

(1 / 1) / 11 = 0.090909090909090909…  That’s a lot of zeros and nines.  Must mean something eh?

1/1/11  (1+1+1+1=4)  and  2011 (2+0+1+1=4)  Wow!  What might that mean?

And as Three Dog Night said:  “One is the loneliest number”  But right now there are 4 in a row so maybe not so lonely today?

I then ran out of original thoughts, (common at this keyboard), gave in, and used good old Google to see what was happening on this auspicious New Year’s.  I found out that in numerology the number one is very important for new beginnings.  Now, how original is that?  And I found this happy couple.  Then I closed the Google window because, well, my feeble brain is hurting just thinking about all the possibilities I might find, so I better stop. And, I think I’ll just sleep right through next November 11th…. like I must have done on 10/10/10!

So Happy New Year.  And enjoy the Winter Classic, the only really supernatural thing happening today,even if as the image at the start of this post indicates, the final result is foreseen!

Will Sig

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