2000-2009: Was It The What If Decade?


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I was listening to the radio discussion a few days ago when the question of how to refer to the 1st decade of the 21st century was raised. All the known monikers were mentioned, including the Oh Ohs, the Ohs, (or oh no’s), the Oughts, and a few others. I wondered out loud how I would refer to this just ended decade and realized that when reflecting back, I was often thinking “what if”?  You know, what if G.W. and company had not gotten us into Iraq? What if some competence and leadership had been shown when Katrina left New Orleans in shambles? What if our overall foreign policy had taken a different tack… or had some tact? What if those bankers had been subject to a bit more oversight? What if Al Gore… no, we won’t go there.

Anyway, I thought I was being quite clever about all this when I came across an article in The Washington Examiner by Byron York. Now I have agreed with Byron York on a few things in the past, although I can’t think of one of them right now. But in the theme of “great minds think alike”, he has also, (perhaps unknowingly), labeled this past decade as the “What If?” years. Read his column here and see the irony. It is revealing though, that no matter your political persuasion, nobody seems to be happy with the past ten years. We may be unhappy for different reasons, but unhappy none-the-less.

Along with Iraq, Katrina, and sound bites and video clips that made us all cringe, I suppose this question will be a big part of Bush’s legacy. “What if? What if? What if?”

What if indeed.

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Will Sig
1 Dennis the Vizsla

That was the decade that everyone wishes wasn’t.
.-= Dennis the Vizsla´s last blog ..The Love Pup =-.


2 Will

Hey Dennis – Right, maybe the “What if it wasn’t” decade! 😉


3 Walter

Although its unfortunate what had happened in the past decade, it is important that our leaders should consider that what if’s in the days to come. I hope something has been learned in the past mistakes. 🙂


4 Lynda Lehmann

What if we keep smiling and striving, in spite of all the obstacles and tragedies?

The human condition leaves much to be desired. Now we have Haiti, reminding us that none of us are immune to natural disasters. Death is the great equalizer.

To me, it’s important to hang on to my values.

I think, for all of us, when there is tragedy in the world, just do SOMETHING to help! If you can’t rush off to a foreign land to rescue people, help your ailing parent or neighbor!

What if we stop striving–and caring?

Happy New Year, Will. I hope we all make the best of it.


5 Will

Hi Walter – Yes learning from our mistakes is something us humans have always struggled with.

Happy New Year to you to Lynda. Thinking about those issues does put us humans in a humbling perspective to be sure. And all this takes place on little old Earth, a mere speck on a speck on a speck in a tiny corner of the universe.


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