A Late Summer Hike


Yes it was still summer.  In fact it was last Sunday, so it was still August.  Yesterday, September 5th it was 93 degrees here, so you would have thought we had great weather for the hike.  It was clear and bright, but the rest of the weather was a surprise.

We had dressed for a summer hike up around the back side of our local ski area.  The elevation was varied from 5,000 to 7,000 feet.  When we parked the car the temperature was in the low 40’s with a strong steady wind, making the wind chill quite uncomfortable.  As we climbed in elevation the temperature dropped until we got near the top and realized the trees were covered in ice from the night before!  The temperature there was in the mid to low 30’s and the wind must have been steady at 35 to 40 mph.

August?  Summer?  Wow, you need to be careful around here as the weather can sometimes be a real surprise.  It was still a great hike with lunch at the top.  Here are a couple of photos showing the trees.

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Will Sig
1 Bob

Beautiful pics Will, sounds like you have the same weather as we do in Saskatoon, have to wear my winter coat in the evenings under the stars now, won’t be long before I’m wearing the gloves, then the toque.

Bobs last blog post..To Cern With Love


2 Will

Yeah Bob, it is mid 90’s today, but will get into the 40’s tonight. Don’t need the “toque” yet, but soon! Yes, I did have to Google it before I felt comfortable using the word. LOL!


3 A.

I really thought the ice was some form of blossom at first! The weather is so very different in our part of the world – far less extreme and this summer has been downright monotonously grey.

A.s last blog post..Autumn


4 OrganicallyTv

Gorgeous ice crystals on the evergreen!

OrganicallyTvs last blog post..A humorous and eye opening short film about plastic bags


5 Betty

Amazing shots Will!


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