A New Way to Buy Local Food Online


I found a few very interesting sites today that sell local food online. I have written few times about the advantages and importance of buying locally produced food and ways to find local food supplies. One of the links in my sidebar and one of my posts relate to ways of finding locally produced food. The new sites I came across today are a bit different.

One of the “virtual farmers markets” is mypersonalfarmers.com which sells local food online to people in Westchester County in the Hudson Valley area of New York State. Farmers are paid a fair price for their products of which there is a surprisingly large choice. My Personal Farmers delivers all types of locally produced food to people who browse and order through the web site.

I know there have been many types of grocery online purchase and delivery businesses that have come and gone. Hopefully the concept of online farmer’s markets will flourish. As it will help if these startups were easy to locate online, I think I will contact the Local Harvest web site and suggest they include these businesses in a category of their own.

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