A Very Funny 404 Page


I was looking at something on the site Not a Niche and discovered the 404 page with the image below.  Then I refreshed the page as it said and discovered that the site has several funny 404’s.  If you check it out, there are not too many images so you won’t waste too much time.  I did find that you need to refresh many times to see them all as the images come up randomly.  You will see some of the same ones over and over before you actually have seen them all.  Make sure you at least refresh the page enough times to see the one about the Brazilian soldiers.

404 page at notaniche.com

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Will Sig
1 Jan

That’s great – love it!


2 Anne

Too cute! 🙂


3 Steve

It’s always nice to find a little light-hearted humor, especially when you’re not expecting. Thanks for sharing.
Steve recently posted..Sling Baby – Best Video Ever! But does it matter?My Profile


4 Tony McGurk

Some good ones there Will. I especially liked the Use Electricity Wisely one. Good to see the FBI & CIA are lookig for the page too.
Tony McGurk recently posted..Dave’s Dilemma – The PersuasionMy Profile


5 RK Henderson

I remember many years ago, when public use of the Internet was brand new, I tried to load a page from hippy-dippy Santa Cruz, California, and got “Error 404: Searching Reality.” That was the first creative (and funny) 404 warning I’d ever seen. Before that, it had never occurred to me that human programmers write these things.

Since then I’ve seen a few more funny ones. There should be an award for them, like the Oscars and Grammys.


Rusty Ring: Reflections of an Old-Timey Hermit
RK Henderson recently posted..The Paper Sack SamadhiMy Profile


6 Melissa

There are a lot of funny things around us..Thanks for sharing some funny humor to us..


7 Catwoman

Hahaha that’s really funny, you’ve really made my day with this one! Thanks for the fun!


8 Anna

Lol, that was funny.
I love the cartoon, clever.
Anna 🙂


9 Olive

That’s a great funny image.. I can’t believe that the FBI & CIA are looking also for that error page. Thanks for sharing that funny humor to us.


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