A WW Puzzle in Need of Solving


I was looking at some statistics for this site and came across something I can not figure out. Many of my posts here have a lot of links back to them. Typically these are posts with some semi-useful information in them. A few examples are How To Eat Less To Lose Weight, Three Ways To Improve Your Health, and sometimes it is just the title that brings them in like, How Green is Your Cat? These all make sense but what does not is this…

My Wordless Wednesday posts are really just for fun and to get links to other sites so I can see what people are putting up for their WW photos.  It is normal for the WW posts to get 10 to 20 links back to them, a few have 30 or 40.  One WW post is off the charts though.  According to Google’s Webmaster Tools, this Wordless Wednesday post has 532 links back to it!  I can not figure it out.  I know some of my photos get stolen from time to time as I have come across them on other sites.  But this many links back to that one post just leaves me without a clue as to why.  Does anyone have an idea?  Or a suggestion as to how I can find out?

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Will Sig
1 Anna

No clue Will. So your photos get stolen, do you go after them?
Anna 🙂
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2 Tony McGurk

Maybe because it’s such a fantastic photo. Loved it


3 Tony

Maybe because it’s such a fantastic photo. Loved it


4 Will

I don’t know how to find them Anna. With a stolen post, you can search for it. Is there a way to search for this photo? I bet it is just a real popular shot and I probably should have watermarked it. I just watermarked it now, maybe a couple of years too late.

But I don’t think you can track down your photos on the web can you?


5 Anna

You know Will I don’t know for sure, but I heard that there is a technology which embeds digital mark into photo, and it can be traced down electronically. But then I have not heard about it for a long time, so I don’t know if it exists for sure. Sorry I don’t know how to help.

About the watermark, you know there are editing tools that can easily cut the watermark from the photo, if you put it in the spot where does not disturbs the photo. I do it in the corner, and any one can crop it. If you look at the stock photographs, they actually have watermark right across the whole image, so it would be harder to use it.



6 Will

Thanks Anna – If you look at the WW referenced in this post you can see how I just did it. It is always a tough decision where to put the watermark. If you put it right across the middle, it seems to be a big distraction to the photo. But if you put it on the bottom they can crop it out. I try to judge whether a photo will he stolen. Most of mine are not of high enough quality to be desired by anyone else. But once in a while I will misjudge a photo like this one of the flying ducks and it literally flies off this site . Wherever it has gone over the internet, I hope people are enjoying it. And I hope nobody is claiming it as their own.


7 Anna

Will, lol on comment ‘… it literally flies off this site.’. I think what you did is actually good, I myself hate putting it right on the object, this is why I always put it in the corner. Now read this, there is this tool in most of photo editing softwares, called cloning, which can easily erase the watermark – I think you probably know about it. Sorry to disappoint you again :), the reality is you will never win. However, I like the font you use for the watermark, it really looks good, and I will say it again, I like the photo too. Have a good night Will, and the weekend. Hope gophers are not bothering you that much anymore too. Anna 🙂
Anna recently posted..Beating Summer Heat In The PoolMy Profile


8 Will

I am hoping the word got around in the gopher community about my new traps. So far so good, knock on wood.’

I had not known about cloning. That is discouraging.


9 gtyyup

Interesting conversation here…I’m not all that up on the workings such as the linking back. How and why would it be done? I signed my blog up for the Webmaster Tools…it’ll be interesting to see what info they gather. I know I get a lot of hits for images from my ranch hand rodeos and the youth rodeos.
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10 Carrie

Hmmm, don’t like the stealing photos -at all. BTW, my friend said yes people do go up in Sky Tower! Happy WW!


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