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I went back to the website of the Organic Consumers Association yesterday while doing some research for a soon to come article I am working on regarding the entry of big box companies into the organic food business. Until I post that article, if you want a hint about my feelings on big box organics, they are mentioned here: Wal-Mart and here: organic baby formula.

Wow! I had forgotten how much information the OCA has on their site. If I was going to get any sleep last night, or anything done today, I had to force myself away from reading. Take a look at the OCA home page, which I have also added to my links section in the sidebar of this site, and you will see what I mean. If you are at all interested in current topics related to organic food and farming practices, there is enough information on the OCA site to keep you occupied for days! It also looks like their political action now goes beyond organic food to include areas like sustainability issues, the importance of local food sources, fair trade, and health issues. The OCA also has a forum for discussion, but judging by the low number of topics, it must be a fairly new feature.

Check out the OCA site and read up on “health, justice, and sustainability”.

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