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I have written many times about the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet, I think because I need to rationalize my own diet. I eat pretty darn healthy, but if I have one main weakness, it is that I probably eat too much. Consequently I feel I am always 10 or 12 pounds over what I should weigh. But I always think this is not too bad a thing because I eat pretty much a Mediterranean diet. I mean I can drink olive oil and if it has tomatoes or peppers or garlic in it, I am swallowing it. I only like red wine and seem to naturally adhere to almost all of the other aspects of this eating pattern.

Now comes word from anew study that the Mediterranean Diet leaves you happier than you would otherwise be. It does not make everyone a glass is always full person, (goodness know I am not!), but it seems to leave you better off in the happiness department than you would be if you had different eating habits.

Here is an article from the U.K. that describes the results of the research. Really quite interesting results!

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Will Sig
1 JD at I Do Things

Thank you for this link! I realized I just posted a comment involving my brother, but now it’s my MOTHER who is relevant to this topic: she’s been talking about doing this diet for a while, and I wish she would — her dietary habits are pretty pathetic (mine aren’t much better, but I DO drink olive oil whenever I can). So hopefully this will help convince her.
.-= JD at I Do Things´s last blog ..I Pay Tribute to Rock Star Bulges so you don’t have to =-.


2 Linda Prout

Fish and sun exposure, both plentiful in the med, are known antidepressants, not to mention the lower key lifestyle there.


3 Steve

hi Will,
Olive oil, tomatoes, garlic, and red wine! Sounds good to me!
I took a quick look at the study. I like the conclusion, but I’m not sure of the cause and effect. It makes sense that people that eat healthy and take care of themselves may suffer less from depression, but I’m not sure if that’s because of their diet or because of their attitude…
Anyway, I’ll keep eating Mediterranean!
.-= Steve´s last blog ..Are Trade Shows Obsolete? =-.


4 Luc J

I’ve switched to mediterranean food years ago. Not because of health reasons, but simple because I like the food. Don’t know if it made me happier, but it certainly didn’t make me unhappier either.
Still working on the low-key lifestyle, though.
.-= Luc J´s last blog ..Secure USB Flash Drive – Personal Pocket Safe =-.


5 Will

Hi JD – I hope your mother can make some changes that she likes so she will stick with it. That makes a big difference. Like Luc, I just like this food. I was actually eating like this for many years before I even heard of a Mediterranean Diet! Linda’s point is a good one. I guess the next study is to follow people who eat this way, but do not live in the Mediterranean. A low key lifestyle probably makes a huge difference. Most of us do not have that and unfortunately many probably would not want it.

Glad to see you back, Steve! I am also having trouble keeping up lately. I have too many sites I try to put content up on. I have decided to cut out a couple of them and to incorporate one of my other sites into this one. That way I won’t be stretched so thin, I hope.


6 Ronny

Thanks for the link to the great article,this was something I did not know. Since following the mediterranean diet I’ve seen real improvements in my health and weight loss
Ialso found a great site

Thanks Ronny


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