Another Mediterranean Diet Bonus

by updated 2009/10/06

I have written many times about the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet, I think because I need to rationalize my own diet. I eat pretty darn healthy, but if I have one main weakness, it is that I probably eat too much. Consequently I feel I am always 10 or 12 pounds over what I should weigh. But I always think this is not too bad a thing because I eat pretty much a Mediterranean diet. I mean I can drink olive oil and if it has tomatoes or peppers or garlic in it, I am swallowing it. I only like red wine and seem to naturally adhere to almost all of the other aspects of this eating pattern.

Now comes word from anew study that the Mediterranean Diet leaves you happier than you would otherwise be. It does not make everyone a glass is always full person, (goodness know I am not!), but it seems to leave you better off in the happiness department than you would be if you had different eating habits.

Here is an article from the U.K. that describes the results of the research. Really quite interesting results!

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