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Well it is not another reason so much as another example of the why Congress and appointed officials score so low in voter satisfaction polls.  In fact I am not positive the hearings described below actually took place in Congress, but they were headed by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack  and Attorney General Eric Holder.  These are just more hearings to explore the obvious, get valuable face time on camera for the participants, and once again accomplish nothing for the U.S. citizen.  The hearings address concerns of the Obama administration over the continuing consolidation of U.S. food production into the hands of a few giant agribusinesses. These “concerns” that seem to require more grandstanding hearings are nothing more than the same concerns millions of ordinary citizens and experts have had for years, maybe even decades.

One of the main targets of these hearings is Monsanto Corporation.  Monsanto is the poster company for large agribusinesses controlling as much of the food production and delivery system as they can.  Monsanto itself is just doing what companies are supposed to do for their owners or shareholders, but I believe the tactics and philosophy they use is a threat to the safety of our food.  To use just one example, can anyone really believe that inserting a gene into corn that makes it resistant to the effects of glyphosate, (Roundup), is a safe way to get more corn into our food supply?  Corn drenched with the herbicide glyphosate, may indeed be more productive since it has less competition from weeds, but the real issue is; should we even allow the use of chemicals like Roundup on our food?  Corn is the largest part of the U.S. diet, part of almost every type of processed food and drink produced.  Even though many of us know that this cheaply produced corn is not a healthy part of the human diet, it is here in huge proportion now and will probably be here for decades to come.

More hearings to explore the obvious for nothing more than political gain is a waste of taxpayer resources.   As time goes by, the Obama administration and supporters in Congress are proving they are basically inept when it comes to accomplishing any of the “change” they were elected to implement.  More hearings are probably just a feel good session for the politicians involved, and a slight inconvenience for the companies called to sit before these panels .  Maybe I am wrong and some good will come out of this, but I would not hold your breath.  Anyway here is a link to a great article by the blog Simple Thoughts:  Simple solutions for complex problems.  The posting summarizes these hearings and what is hoped to come out of them.  It also touches on the issue of Monsanto patenting seeds and genes, leading to farmers having almost no choice but to go with the Monsanto program or face financial ruin.

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Will Sig
1 Ruth

If the government really wants to improve food safety they should be doing more to encourage private citizens to grow their own, not using a meeting with the biggest (maybe worst) agribusiness out there for a photo op. IMO patenting any sort of genes should be illegal; it certainly seems immoral to me.
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