Are Comments Working For Everyone?


I have been having some issues with phpMySQL queries timing out when posting comments. I think I have traced it to a fix that I applied to the wp-db.php file in version 2.1. Because I recently upgraded to WP 2.3, I applied the file fix again. It is at this site if anyone else needs it.

Hopefully this has resolved the problem, but if you get an error message when posting a comment, let me know. If it happens to you and you have not saved the text of your comment, then just just the “back” button in your browser and click submit again. It usually works the 2nd or 3rd time.

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Will Sig
1 Anna

Will, your blog is great. I will keep my eyes wide open and let you know if I get anything. Anna 🙂


2 Anna

Not sure if I told you but I made adjustment on the story blob to tailor your needs Will, lol. Kidding aside, thank you for constructive criticism, it is always appreciated knowing that it only makes me better. Thanks, Anna 🙂


3 Will

Anna, I tried out the change you made at your “Story Blob“.

I think comments will be much easier for people now. Plus it now also matches your photo blog. You will have to let me know if you see an increase in comments.



4 paulette

In my opinion comments are working for everyone.It helps others to know the feedback of his article. At the same time you see the other side of coin- the other person’s perspective of your topic.


5 Will

I agree, Paulette. As you look around this site you can see that a lot of information and also many links to related sites, are provided by people in their comments.



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