Are We All Still Here?

by updated 2011/05/21

I will go out on a limb here even though I am scheduling this a day ahead of time. I predict it is now Sunday morning, May 22nd and we ARE all still here. I’ll check to make sure when I wake up tomorrow. The world is full of all sorts of beliefs, but this recurring one that predicts the exact time of the end of times is one that always makes me wonder. Even if millions do believe in this being an eventual reality, how can so many put their faith in one man’s calculation of when it will occur?

In the spirit of the day, I will make a prediction of my own. Tomorrow, Sunday the 22 of May, 2011, Harold Camping will check his calculations and realize he should have paid closer attention to his teachers in math class. Yes, I predict he will find a “mistake” in his numbers and quickly come up with a new date. He better hurry though if he wants to be a part of the big event. On July 19th he will be 90 years old. He may not get too many more chances to get it right!

Will Sig

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