Avocados May Prevent Cancer


Media articles have said for a while that avocados are good for you. They have quite a bit of fat, but it is the good, unsaturated, type which is actually healthy for you. Now comes a study published in “Seminars in Cancer Biology”, that claims avocados also kill or stop the growth of cells that that develop into oral cancer. The study used the most commonly sold avocado, the Hass variety, available in almost any grocery.

Eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables has long been known to have cancer fighting and prevention benefits. Avocados, however, sometimes get bad press because of calories and supposedly high fat content. Maybe publicity from this study will help change that incorrect view.

Although the study only looked at the positive effects on cancer cells in the mouth, why stop there? It is possible the cancer preventing benefits can also be in the digestive tract, blood and many other areas.

The positive effects have been shown to come from the phytochemicals in the avocado. These chemicals are also present in all other plants and have been previously shown to have cancer preventing properties. Broccoli and other members of the cabbage family have been known for years to have a great cancer fighting ability.

Some really sing the avocado’s praise! I say, more than just avocados, eat lots of fruits and vegetables! Make your diet as high as possible in plant based foods, and as low as you are comfortable with in animal based foods and proteins. This is the possible recipe for better health and longevity!

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Will Sig
1 Anna

Will, great news because I love avacados. Thanks for sharing.
Anna 🙂


2 Will

I love them too. I saw a post on a forum this morning where a woman said she had an avocado tree in her back yard. Imagine being able to go pick a ripe one anytime you want!


3 Anna

Will, yes I can imagine, lol, and something I can only imagine here where I live.


4 Anna

Hi Will, just could not remember if the form was remembering me, so here I am testing. Still love the avacados, since I am here again why not mention it again. When I just came back, no I had to fill everything in, but I think it is cookie related which I clean up completely by the end of day. It does not bother me to fill the form at all. Well I will move on to ther post of yours see what happens.

PS Do you mind to come back to my last post on the blog, and just quickly ID me, just wanted to see if you can match face to the blog.

Anna 🙂


5 Will

This post was commented on and linked to from an interesting blog.


This has happened only a few times so far, but it is always nice when it does as it means someone is reading and thinking about the post!

One of the funny things about that site is that the owner has spent some time explaining the title. I actually really like the title and am reluctant to read his whole explanation, just wanting to keep my own picture in mind. There are also some good, short, blog reviews to read there.


6 isaac amodia

My father and mother died of cancer. So it’s nice to hear
that avocado may prevent cancer. I will keep eating avocados from now on. Thanks for sharing.


7 Will

Hi Iaasc – There are many other posts here that have tips for healthy living. I think the key is overall choices. Avocados are great, but look for as many other things you can do to improve your health.



8 Mike Touch

Apparently owning a cat decreases heart disease by 30%. Now that is something interesting!


9 Heather

I also love avocados, but only ate my first last year! The fact that they are healthy and possible cancer figters is a great benefit.
Plus the fat content is monounsaturated fat so no fear of raising your blood cholesterol.



10 Freyda

Try avocado shake…it’s soooo nice! Mixed 1/2 avocado+ 1 cup milk+ 5 ice cube+ 1 tsp.brown sugar or chocolate syrup into the fruit blender. Try this…so Yummmy!

This recipe is very common in Asia especially Indonesia…


11 Will

I would have to try this to see how it is. The combination is not one I would have thought of! Thanks for the suggestion.


12 Wendy

Interesting that they may reduce your cancer risk. I know they are good for your heart, healthy fats and all that. I love them and eat several every week.


13 Gelina

The raw food diet is now quite fashionable. I am in favor of balance diet that includes proportions of unadulterated foods and across the spectrum. I do not believe that we can claim one single fruit can fight disease like cancer. What we can do is prevantitive practices that is holistic and takes into account social, diet, education, environment and physical fitness

Love the comments. Thanks so much for the opportunity to engage.


14 Linda

Thanks for the great post Will. As a pro-fat nutritionist I always appreciate reading another “fat-is-good” article. Many people are unaware that fat and proteins are more important for our cells and organs than carbs. Carbs are really only for fuel. Our bodies need fat to assimilate vitamins and minerals, to support brain chemicals, to promote serotonin and balanced moods. A salad with no avocado or olive oil can’t deliver its antioxidants. Milk with no fat can not provide calcium to bone. A diet free of butter and fatty grass-fed meat can’t provide vitamin K2, a nutrient needed to prevent calcification of arteries (atherosclerosis). Best of all avocados, like other fats, taste good.


15 Norman

Same here Anna, i love avocado. and it’s season here..very affordable and healthy. I don’t believe about their research that avocado has some bad effects
for our health. Because all God’s creature is good for us..


16 Mary Jane

I knew that avocados were great fruits but that they may specifically help to prevent caner, thank you for sharing that! The avocado fruit is so versatile that even if you don’t like avocados plain, they adapt themselves in so many delicious ways. I just found a recipe for raw vegan chocolate pudding…. yes, avocados makes it!


17 Steve Mclinden

I love avocados..there’s a lot of it growing here in my neighborhood…and it is actually avocado season this part of the year and we have been making avocado shakes and a lot more…


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