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Here is a link to a story in the Christian Science Monitor on our health and bisphenol A.  I wrote a long article on the dangers two years ago and ff you read that, you know my opinion.  This is another example of bloggers being way out ahead on a topic.  But the reality is still that until big organizations like the CSM spend the time and money to do an in-depth story, things move slowly.  On this topic the time is overdue for a ban.  I wrote about Canada’s ban last year and immediately the maker of Nalgene bottles pulled them from the market.

Everyone should read all three links above and then check the number on the bottom of your plastic water bottles.  You do not want to be drinking out of these types of bottles.  And you certainly do not want your baby bottles to be made with this chemical.

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Will Sig
1 Bob

Way to go Will, I remember reading your posts, I commented on the second one. Like you said it’s the Bloggers like yourself once again exposing the dangers to bring the mainstream media and governments into action.

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2 Anna

Hey Will we must watched great documentary on chemicals affecting our health, and plastics were one of them. Scary stuff. Anna 🙂
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3 baby shower gift

Bisphenol A has become the buzz word around that have few young families on edge because no ones wants to harm their child with something as mundane as a baby bottle. It is hard enough to train our child to hold it let alone worry if the bottle we are using has harmful chemicals. Great post. Thanks


4 charlotte urbana massage

I am curious about this Bisphenol A. I have a water bottle that I take to the gym. I am sure it has it in it. How concerned should I be? Thanks.


5 Will

I would not panic but it is an easy thing to get a bottle without BPA. If you drink soda or other things filled with high fructose corn syrup, I would make changing that a high priority.


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