Bedbugs Gain Insurance Attention


bedbug feedingBedbugs can now be added to some insurance policies.  Right now it is mainly for commercial policies for hotels, apartment buildings, and similar businesses, but soon you may be able to add bedbug coverage to your homeowners policy.  With the cost of eradicating these pests estimated to be $800.00 to $1,000.00 per room, the coverage has been demanded by many businesses.

I read a few articles where experts state that bedbugs are not really a problem because they do not spread disease.  Well excuse me Mr. Expert!  If you really think that blood sucking bugs that hide in cracks and feed on you while you are sleeping in your bed are not a problem, then I really don’t know where to start with you.  They are a problem for everyone but you. Period.  When I was recently traveling with my daughter she was looking online for a hotel for our next night.  One of the ones that seemed reasonably priced had a review stating they got bedbugs when they stayed there.  I bet you can guess we considered staying at that hotel for exactly zero seconds!

Experts not withstanding, bedbugs are disgusting and scary.  Hopefully some scientist will come up with a new control for them that works and does not cause the trouble for the environment that DDT, the once commonly used control, did.

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Will Sig
1 Anna

Oh that is one good idea. We did have an issue here in Toronto at some point, but looks like the clean up crew arrived. I will have to check my bed sometimes too, lol, but I have not been bitten yet, lol, other than mosquitoes. Hope you are doing well with your toothache by now. Anna 🙂
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2 Binky

It’s a difficult problem that’s probably going to get a lot worse unless they can come up with a new and effective pesticide. The problem is they’ll probably find that that pesticide is harmful too, years after we’ve been using it.
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3 Tony McGurk

It’s really creepy to thing of having those things in your bed.
Bedbug insurance is an interesting concept. So if you intentionally spray & kill your bedbugs does that negate your insurance. I assume they only pay out if your bedbugs die of accidental causes.


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