Beer Makes Men Smarter

by updated 2012/04/14

beerFinally some good news on the health front, even if it makes absolutely no sense.  If you have ever been in a bar you must wonder if these researchers have been living under a rock, but that is what this new study actually shows.  Men given two pints of beer were 40% better at problem solving than men who had nothing to drink.  I don’t know what happens as beer consumption goes up, but I suspect the increase in smartness does not continue correspondingly.

In fact this is very interesting to me given the results of a different recent study that revealed the presence of female hormones in beer.   I wondered if the two things could be related so I conducted my own study.  I got several of my buddies to drink 5 beers each and took note of the results.  Every one of them gained a few pounds, talked incessantly without making any sense, became emotionally hyperactive, couldn’t parallel park, became unable to think rationally, argued with me over nothing, and refused to apologize when proved wrong.  Maybe I should think twice before I publish these results anywhere else.

Will Sig

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