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Someone sent me an email a few days ago asking if the reference to “Common Sense” in my current blog subtitle, “Common Sense Simple Living”, was a poke at the whole concept of simple living. Do I think the many simple living advocates in the world and on the web make it too difficult for the busy, everyday person to apply simplicity to their lives? The answer is an emphatic no! As a matter of fact, organizations like The Simple Living Network are a specific in-depth resource for anyone looking for information on simple living. Whether a person wants to move completely off the grid or just get some simple living ideas they might be able to apply to their lives, there are many great web sites to learn from, most filled with expert advice from people who are very devoted to the cause. There are also many small, interesting sites where people make passing reference to how they have simplified their own lives. I linked to a few in this post .

I make note of the email I received because I have been thinking about the sub-title or tag-line of this website. I have had a couple of suggestions that I make it less specific since I write on a variety of topics. Although the variety of topics is accurate, I think there is a common theme. Whether the topic is education, health, sustainable food, the environment, energy use, or gardening, the idea of common sense and simplicity runs through it all. Common sense is important because most of us have busy lives with many responsibilities and if changes we want to make to our lives are not simple and sensible, they often won’t get done. If I write on a topic and don’t give some idea of how it applies to my life or potentially to the lives of other busy, everyday people, then I am just another voice in the chorus.

Having said all that, I can easily change the tag-line if I come up with one that seems to be a better fit. I will give it some extra thought and am also open to suggestions.

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