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This is just a short, friendly request to all of you that use Blogger as your blogging platform. I know that most of my regular readers from Blogger blogs already do this, but for everyone else, please read and consider making the changes. Doing so will help your blog comments increase in number.

I wrote a guest post titled “An Open Plea To Blogger Users”, on the Bird On a Wire web site a few weeks ago. Please read that for the details of how all of you that use Blogger can set things up to make it possible for us non-Blogger users to comment on your site. I visit a bunch of Blogger sites that make it impossible for me to comment using my valid url and name. In addition to what you can read at that post, there appears to be a new comment form from Blogger that is even better than the ones I recommended in the article. You can see Claire using it here. Thanks!

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Will Sig
1 Claire

I definitely prefer my new comment form, its the nearest I could get to a wordpress like one 🙂


2 Bob

Hey Will, I have the same as Claire from what I can tell.


3 Michael Aulia

Wouldn’t it be better to advise them to move to Wordpress instead? 😀


4 Will

Hi Bob – Your form is, I think, one generation before Claire’s, but it is a good one. I did notice something funny with Claire’s, though. Just now I went back to her site to look at it again and when I clicked on the single post it opened a wide page showing just the comments, not the post. Definitely not correct. I closed the window and went back and it loaded fine. Basically like a WordPress post with all the comments and the form right below the posts. So maybe Blogger is still working out the kinks on it. The one you use is good also. Tried and true, it opens a new view which can show the original post with the comments and the comment form.

The ones that are bad are the pop-up window forms, esp the ones that do not allow for you to enter a name and url. The name and url fields are critical if someone who does not use Blogger wants to leave a comment on a Blogger blog.


5 Will

hehe Michael. But the truth is that for some, Blogger is what they want and what works for them. And if they at least use a good comment system, they won’t make it hard for the rest of to comment on their blogs.



6 Claire

Its not actually something blogger has done, its a hack you have to add yourself. So its not going to be perfect, i think its a bit buggy. I will have to see if the person who created the hack comes up with something better.

(plus I don’t want to move this blog to wordpress)



7 Anna

Will, wow, thanks for using me as an example. You tell me anything and I will change anything to serve you better. Hey you always like to surprise me, thanks. BTW I been fighting some brutal flu or cold, and just coming out, so sorry for late visit, as my blogging been kind of slow. Thanks again, you are the best. Anna 🙂


8 Will

Thanks Anna – Hope you are feeling better. Something is really going around. I have friends in Philadelphia, India, New Hampshire, and now Canada, all with a bad cold or flu. So far I have escaped it!


9 Anna

Hi Will, it is getting better bit by bit. Looks like we got common international bug, lol. My advice is, don’t get close to people now, and avoid supermarkets. I think I got my when I went shopping and been blown by big recirculating fan. Anna 🙂


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