Bloggers Unite to Stop Whale Slaughter


I know this issue has been around longer than many of us have graced this planet, but that is what makes it one of the most aggravating. I grew up in a rural area where hunting was common. I have also been an avid fisherman until recent years, spending a good portion of my time out on the open sea, filling the freezer with the fish that we ate. But, I have always had a problem with the killing of whales. Maybe I am too detached from the culture that has hunted whales for centuries and have no right to be judgmental about the hunt. But it just plain bothers me. The slaughter seems indiscriminate, sometimes with even mothers and nursing babies being killed. Admittedly some whale species have made a remarkable comeback. I also know there is a long tradition of whale hunting in Japanese and some other societies. And I know that most Japanese citizens support whale hunting. But it still bothers me.

So this short post is just to show my support of Les and his “1000 Blog Protest Against The Slaughter Of Whales”. Right now you can go to the link and sign up via a comment to get on the petition. I have even offered to help him get a tool like Mister Linky installed on the post to make it easier for him to gather and export all the links he is sure to get. But for now if you leave a comment, he will add your link manually to the list.

So if you feel as I do, head on over there to sign up. If you think this “protest” is way off base, let me know in a comment here. I usually stay away from direct action as it is more my personality to try to persuade with information that allows people to make up their own mind. And I don’t have feelings of condemnation towards the people who support the killing of whales or even the hunts themselves. There is just something about killing whales that I can’t get beyond, sort of in the same way that I feel about killing gorillas. Maybe I am wrong, but again, it just bothers me. If it bothers you, sign up. If I bother you by suggesting that you sign up, feel free to ignore this plea. Or even better, leave me a comment letting me know that I should not have responded so directly to this old issue. If you support what I am asking, and support the blogging petition, go to the above link, sign up, and let me know here in a comment on this post that you did. Thanks!

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Will Sig
1 Jason

This is awesome… the Japanese are slaugtering too many whales, and it’s just sad… collectively we need to put a stop to this… Australia is making a big effort to end the killing, so hopefully things will change soon.


2 Will

Hi Jason – I agree and also hope things will change. For many years it was better but now some want to start the hunting again. Australia is making a big effort.

If you have a minute to digg and stumble this post, we can get more publicity to the cause and the petition.



3 Bob

Awesome idea, left my comment at the protest site.


4 Swubird


I definitely share your attitude about killing whales. I have always felt that way. I don’t care if it’s a long tradition among certain peoples. It’s about time those people joined the 21st century, and took some responsibility for protecting these beloved creatures. They are more than just animals! They’re our brothers and sisters who share this blue planet with us. And, as far as I can tell, your average whale is more than willing to live and let live. We should do the same!


5 Dan

Thanks for the tip and to think I have been leaving multiple messages to bloggers at both Blog Catalog and Entrecard to register their indignation at the cruelty of Japan’s whale hunt.

Have left a comment over at MyRadicalBlogs and once again thank you for the tip. Best.


6 Will

Sure, Dan – Glad this is getting some publicity.


7 Will

Hey Swubird! Thanks for tho comment! Hope you “signed” the petition. I really like the theme on your site. I think I have visited before, but maybe you had a different theme then. Only thing I would recommend is that you change your comment from to the one that Anna and Bob use. Your story telling is so good I think you will get even more comments without the pop up form that so many people don’t like.

That poker story is a gem! Liked “The Lost Canali” too. I started reading back through old posts and they are all great! Had to stop as I need to do some work, but I’ll be back.



8 Anna

Will I am in, great cause to support, btw I object any type of killings in the world. Anna 🙂


9 sky

Namaste’ Will, thanks for posting about this. What puzzles me is the *reason* they have gotten away with such atrocities and slaughter, that they are doing this for *quote* scientific reasons. (HUH?) If there was ever more of a reason to *red flag*, on this planet THAT would be it. My home is filled with whale photos, even though I have never seen one in person, funny eh? but I have since childhood been an AVID whale/dolphin person, and still remember a song that impacted me to the soul first time I ever heard it, and which I know and sing by heart, called the dolphin song, which was created to protest the tuna industry due to dolphin deaths which STILL occur. I hope one day when I finally get out to see the whales, there will be something there to greet me, besides the water.



10 les

Hi Will

Thanks for promoting this. The more people that promote any form of protest against whaling the better.

To those that have joined or who are thinking of joining – I thank you as well. So to will the whales.

the radical blogger


11 Will

You are welcome Les!


12 Steve

hey Will,
I dropped by to see what was going on and saw this post on your “Random Post” list. I agree completely with you. Maybe I’ll write a post on this too. I can’t believe this still goes on. I think I read somewhere that after the war the Japanese literally had to eat whale meat to keep from starving, but now they have a hard time selling all that they get from killing whales (for “scientific purposes”)! People, including most Japanese I think, just don’t like eating it.
Anyway, I can’t accept that tradition justifies killing whales. Female circumcision is a “tradition” still practiced in Africa. That doesn’t mean it isn’t barbaric. Hmmmm, maybe I better cool down. Anyway, I to say (scream) Save The Whales!
Steve, aka the whale-loving trade show guru!

Steve | Trade Show Gurus last blog post..Five Keys to Marketing Success


13 Will

I am always glad to see people making use of the random posts list in my sidebar. Thanks! Yes, it has been a while since I wrote this and it does not seem to be much in the news anymore. You should write about it. I guess keeping up as much publicity as possible is all we can do on this one.


14 Peru

Stop the killing, how we treat animals is how we treat people.It is about time the Japanese learn to respect animals and people with some dignity.They have done enough of damage to humanity and they need to stop here


15 Goku A super saiyan

Good thing IS AKira tokirayama the creator of dragonball did not slaughter whales… America, Japan And FAROE ISLANDS.. In locations where there is a high concentration of food, as many as 50 blue whales. Eight thousand to 14 thousand of blue whales left.. Now maybe some of them are 12 thousand, Stop Whale slaughter!


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