Blood Sugar Link to Memory Loss


I just came across a great article detailing some recent research on the importance of maintaining a healthy blood sugar level as we age. It seems that much of the cognitive decline usually termed normal “senior moments” can be attributed to the rising of blood sugar levels as we age.  This study was not looking at blood sugar levels high enough to be classified as diabetic, just levels that were “elevated”.

The summary of the study highlights several interesting points, but the one about exercise really caught my attention. It has been known that one of the benefits of regular exercise as we age is reduced memory loss. The study author’s say this is because exercise reduces blood sugar levels, thereby positively influencing memory as we age. As blood sugar levels are also greatly impacted by our diets, this study is another reason to eat a healthy diet, avoiding as much as possible things like soda, and highly processed foods.

One question the article does not directly answer is: “What is a healthy blood sugar level”? I have seen a range of 70 to 120 being called healthy. But I think a diagnosis of diabetes is made at anything over 126. If so, I would think a healthy level of say, 115 would not really be that healthy. Maybe someone reading this has knowledge of what a truly healthy normal range would be? At a recent physical, my doctor told me my blood sugar level was “fantastic”. I did not think to ask him what the exact number was, though. Maybe “fantastic” to him was in relationship to what he normally sees and I would hope my level is not anything even close to that.

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Will Sig
1 Swubird


This is an interesting article. Blood sugar level versus memory loss. I haven’t heard of that before. Exercise, of course, oxygenates the blood and increases blood flow to the brain. Positive results would be expected.

I’m looking forward to your follow up article.

Happy trails.

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2 wilson

When I referred back with my college’s Biology text book, it mentions that the healthy blood sugar level is 80mg/120mg…

Instead of the memory loss, I’ve heard that the blood sugar level also has the connection with the occurring of Alzheimer Disease as well!

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3 Steve

hey Will,
I’m happy to hear about yet another benefit of exercise and a healthy diet. I’d never heard of the link to better memory (or at least less loss of memory). I can use all the help in that department that I can get! ~ Steve

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4 Will

Thanks for that, Wilson. Yeah, the range I saw also went up to 120. But if being diagnosed as diabetic, comes with a level of 126, I would think that anything close to the top of the “normal” range would be bad also. I also saw the connection to Alzheimer’s, but only in a few articles. I bet more researchers will be looking at that now that the link to “normal” memory loss associated with aging has been made.


5 Bob

Very interesting post and great link Will. I have made a resolution this year to ride my bike to work at least 3 times a week,that is as soon as it gets warmer then -20c. Your post has confirmed it being an excellent and right decision. I never make resolutions, but with my daughter getting married in June I thought I should be taking better care of myself, so first I don’t forget to show up, and second to be better able to handle the stress without having a stroke,lol.

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6 Atniz

Both my parents are suffering from diabetics. Whenever I see them injecting insulin, I promise to myself to control my sugar. It is genetic disease but if we can control our diet, it might hit us at much later age. Memory loss is common for diabetic patients.

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7 Anna

Okay should I stop exercising now, lol, I am already forgetting things – but they are not that important, lol, anyway. Never heard that before too, thanks for sharing Will. Anna 🙂

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8 Hadara Olga

My first time to heard “Blood sugar level versus memory loss”!What is a healthy blood sugar level on earth?


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