Cell Phones and Brain Cancer


A photo of hundreds of discarded cell phones.

Photo by Sascha Poflepp

I have written a few times on studies that claim to show a link between frequent cell phone use and brain tumor development.   Some of the research is unsettling, but overall the jury does seem to be out on whether or not there really is a link.  Still, I use hands free or speakerphone  as much as possible and encourage my kids to do the same. It can’t hurt, and is not really any inconvenience at all.  Now comes a new study that shows more of the same, an uncertain link at best, and maybe no increased risk in the short term.  However, since brain cancer takes many years to develop, the study authors say: “Overall, the scientific evidence tells us that using mobile phones for less than 10 years does not increase the risk of cancer and this large study supports that conclusion… However, brain tumors often take a very long time to develop so we will need to look for any future changes in incidence rates to see if mobile phones could pose any longer-term risks.”

Why even bring up this new study?  Well, because of the way Time magazine linked their article to Google, trying to draw readers to the Time blog site.  The Time article itself was headlined “New research on cell phones and brain tumors”.  Innocuous enough and a quick read indeed showed nothing new in the research.  But the key word link Time provided to Google for display in search results was: “Brain Tumor Rates Are Not Affected by Cellphones”.  I guess Time knew that if they put a truthful link on Google, most people would say “ho hum” and not click the link.  But by putting a link that says the opposite of what the research and Time’s article itself says, and appears to say the link between cell phones and cancer has been proven non-existent, they draw people in who wonder if the danger has indeed been disproven.  It hasn’t, but that is nothing new and would not be a story worth reading.

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Will Sig
1 Anna

Will its amazing how everyone can be so creative these days if comes to advertising, and luring people for clicking – should we call this false advertising?. Anna 🙂
.-= Anna´s last blog ..Digital Postcard Series: Canada Goose In Canada =-.


2 Benjamin Huebner

I would call it tricky advertising.

The Link between Cell Phones and Cancer is very logic in my eyes. Cell Phones are using Microwaves, this is a very energetic radiation.


3 MJ

I have a friend who can’t sleep with a mobile phone near him. Maybe it is just his imagination.
.-= MJ´s last blog ..Make Astral Projecting Part Of Your Life =-.


4 Anonymous

Ya even my parents always warn me to not to talk more on cell phones. Even i believe that cell phones might be one of the reason to cause brain cancer.


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