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Over the years coffee has become the poster child for “its good for you, now it’s not good for you, whoops it is good for you after all, or maybe not…” health advice. Now comes a study that shows drinking at least 5 cups a day, (less won’t help), can protect you from Alzheimer’s. This may prove to be just the latest coffee related health bulletin that ends up not being true, but it sure is an attention grabbing story. Some experts dispute the study’s conclusions, saying that other factors could contribute to the 5 cup a day coffee drinker having a lower risk. Interestingly though, some of the scientists involved in the research have become heavy coffee drinkers themselves.

Here is a link to a fairly complete NPR story on the coffee and Alzheimer’s research.  After reading it, I am not sure which is more scary, the thought of drinking 5 cups of coffee every single day, or the fact that there exists something called an “Alzheimer’s Mouse”, but the story is interesting.  In the end though, the conclusion seems to be that any reduced risk is minute.

I don’t know what to think other than to admit that it takes a certain type of person to be able to drink 5 cups or more of coffee every day.  These people may be different in ways other than their coffee habit and that may make them less susceptible to Alzheimer’s.  The other thought I had is that I think I read somewhere once that sleeping is important for your health.  If you drink 5 cups of coffee and stay up all night….

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Will Sig
1 Dennis the Vizsla

What is this “sleep” thing of which you speak?


2 Anna

Yeah I drank that many cups at university, my marks improved when I start drinking water only! Anna 🙂
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3 Steve

Hi Will,
I missed this post when it came out (I was probably busy making another pot of coffee). I’m one of those 5plus cups a day people (I’d guess about six), but I can’t say that it helps my memory at all… maybe I’m not drinking enough. 🙂 Steve
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