Comments and Privacy Policy


My comments policy is really very simple. I encourage and want the conversations that comments allow, but I completely respect your right to privacy. So….

Anyone can post a comment without having to log in or register.  This is a good policy for any blog. Here and here are a couple of links to folks who agree with me and have written on this very topic.

Your name and email are required on the comment form, but this is only to discourage spam bot postings. Your email is never shared, or displayed.

You may use your real name to post a comment, you may use a made up name, or you may post as “Anonymous”.  However, if you use a name like “Lose Weight Now”, “Cheap Guns”, “Best Drugs”, “Meet Women”,  “Ripped Abs”, “Water Filters”, Best Shredder in Texas, Real Estate Attorney, etc. that may flag your comment as spam or at the very least prompt me to change your “name” to Anonymous.  So be smart and remember everyone except spammers hates spammers.

You may also fill in the url of your website on the comment form and that will be dofollow linked to your name on your comment. This makes it easy for people who find your comment interesting to click through to your website. Be careful though as I err on the side of caution.   I reserve the right to remove links that I see as not family friendly or spammy. If you wish to advertise a product or company, please contact me using the contact form.

I allow one link in a comment without forcing the comment to be moderated. In other words, I don’t moderate a comment unless there are 2 or more links in that comment. This is because a common sign of spam is a lot of links. If you do include several links in your comment, and it is not spam, it will still be approved and posted, but only after I see it.

If you subscribe to comments or posts, you will be notified via the email you submit.  Again, be assured that your email will not be shared, ever.

If you are interested in privacy with regard to cookies and advertisers, you can find information on this page.

Thanks for your visit to this site and I look forward to your comments!

Will Sig