Congressman + Baby = Health Care Embarrassment


Is this a nutty stunt or what?  In these days of instant video coverage and people like us who are never afraid to comment, how could Representative Shadegg and his “people” think this was a good idea?  I guess it is getting him at least a little news coverage, but certainly at the expense of his credibility and professionalism.   Even more disappointing is that nobody seems to have thought about, or cared about, the effect that this stunt will have on “Maddie” as she grows up.  To Maddie’s credit though, even at her tender age, she seems to understand the lunacy of this show better than the “adults” present.  As you watch, notice that she spends the entire, tortuous, 1-1/2 minutes in a valiant, if unsuccessful, attempt to find the microphone’s off button.  Have these politicians any shame at all?  Oh yeah, I forgot.  That question was answered long ago!

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Will Sig
1 BK

If that was not insanity, I don’t know what is.


2 Keith

It looks like the stunt was done during a slack time in the house. There was only a few other “gentlemen” around him while he was holding the guest.

I agree with most of his points though. I work in health care; It’s bad enough now with the level of government we have right now. Only someone naive enough to believe that government will finally get something right would believe and trust them with their health and, really, their life. After all, we are talking about the same people who run the Post office and the IRS.

The best part of the video was Wax man’s remark! That alone was worth the view. Thanks Will


3 Anna

Oh my, but she is ‘smart’ like you said Will, and cute too.
Anna 🙂
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