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I have used the CommentLuv plugin for a long time.  I started using it only to give my readers and commentators some love back for their valued comments.  As I commented on other sites using the CommentLuv plugin myself, I noticed the real value the plugin had for me personally.  I was able to easily link back to this site, using the title of my latest blog post and was surprised at how many people followed that link back here.  Also, the support that Andy Baily provides for his plugin is simply “awesome!”.  I think CommentLuv is the best supported WordPress plugin there is.

When I heard several weeks ago that Andy was releasing a premium version of Comment Luv, I knew it would be special.  I signed up right away and got in on the pre-release deal.  When I saw all the advanced features the plugin had, I hunkered down for what I thought would be a big learning curve.  But true to form, Andy has provided tutorials, videos, and stellar support that got me up and running faster than I thought possible.

The plugin itself is nothing short of fabulous.  Plugin is actually a misnomer as it is really several plugins in one.  I was already using a few, like the GASP plugin you see running under my comment form.  This is what generates the check box you click when commenting and allows me to keep out spammers while not having to use one of those annoying “Captcha” plugins.  So by switching to CommentLuv Premium I was able to delete a few other plugins I was using.

Andy Baily can explain the value of his plugin best so here is a link to a video describing the new CommentLuv. You need to enter an email address to get access to his videos, but it is definitely worth the effort. In the video he explains how you can use a simple strategy, using easy tools to make sure that you get instantly recognized by people on Facebook, Twitter and blog comments.  If you’ve ever wondered how to get your name, product, or blog in front of people’s eyes then you really should view this video.

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Will Sig
1 Tony McGurk

It sure is a great plugin. Unfortunately I can’t use it on Blogger


2 Jan

I love CommentLuv and was lucky enough to get a copy of the pre-release premium version, now just have to install it – time and fear!! Andy’s plug ins are always amazing and so is his support – I posted a question which would have been some ungodly hour for him when he replied personally!

I have found lots of interesting sites and articles following the links that people leave as well.


3 sandraw2580

It’s really a great Plug-in that every blog site should have. I’ve been using CommentLuv for quite some time now, and if there’s a thing as a happy user, then I’m a very happy user!


4 Felicia

Commentluv is really a great plugin. It helps us discover new blogs and meet new people that we would not otherwise have found without it. I just don’t understand why there are those who do not use it on their blogs, but they promote their posts on others that have Commentluv – it’s kind of unethical if you ask me.


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