Corn Ethanol – Dead On Arrival?


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As for the corn ethanol story, check out the links listed at the end of this post.  It is a bit frustrating that it is only now getting picked up by the “big” press. Myself and many others have written over and over, and long ago about the problems with corn-based biofuels.  Please read one of my articles on one problem caused by the increased production of corn for biofuel here:  Ethanol Kills Thousands of Crabs, Fish, and Shrimp.

Other articles from the press over the past few days:

Food scientists say stop biofuels to fight world hunger
And of course defending the gravy train:

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Will Sig
1 Jennifer Robin

Wow; thank you, Will! For the benefit of all concerned, I hope you continue to follow this issue.

Jennifer Robins last blog post..Skywatch Friday


2 Bob

Hey Will love the new plugin, great idea. I remember reading your post a while back on this topic, very informative, I read some of your links and one phrase that sums it up nicely.

“We need to feed our stomachs before we need to feed our cars”

Bobs last blog post..Moon, Jupiter Conjunction


3 Alan

I am really hoping that cellulosic ethanol made from switchgrass will prove a better alternative, especially if the switchgrass can be grown on land that is not suitable for food production.

Alans last blog post..Hiatus Comeuppance–a meme


4 Will

That would be a better alternative, Alan. I read recently about bio-fuel made from algae grown in man-made ponds. That would be better also.

It seems like every day now I see and article on how bad corn ethanol is for the environment, the economy, and the food supply. The real problem is that we did nothing after the last energy “crisis” years ago. Now that it finally seems urgent to policy makers, we are stuck waiting for the technology.


5 sky

Namaste’ Will, excellent post and article!!!! thanks so much, as someone who is making their own bio-fuel up here at our ranch,I am always on the alert as to other sources to make this with. Ours comes from filtered veggie oil from restaurants currently, it is filtered/cleaned and made then in our plant.



6 Biofuel blog

In my opinion, corn ethanol has always been a dumb idea. Algae based biofuels are the highest yielding “crop” (if you can call algae a crop) solution out there right now. I cover many related biofuel issues on my blog listed below and at my forum, where I hope to see you visit. Great blog Will, keep up the informative content!


7 Corn Fuel

Thanks for the resource. It is a debate to follow …

Corn Fuels last blog post..Corn Fuel and Sugar Ethanol a Waste of Money?


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