Corn Syrup Ads Prompt Lawsuit


You can read this post to see where I made fun of the high fructose corn syrup advertising campaign.  That post was good for a few chuckles, but not everyone involved in the HFCS debate has been able to laugh at those pathetic advertisements.  The sugar growers of the world are actually suing to try and stop the HFCS ads.  You can read some of the details of the sugar vs. corn syrup lawsuit here, but what this really boils down to is a fight for the millions of dollars of sweeteners added to soda and other “foods” people eat.

I also read somewhere that the high fructose corn syrup manufacturers are legally trying to change the name that they use from HFCS to “Corn Sugar”.  Apparently they feel this name change goes well with the softer, healthier, image they are trying to sell to consumers of soda.  I know that many consumers are reading labels looking for HFCS as an ingredient and putting products that contain it back on the shelf.  Smart move by the HFCS lobby!  If consumers are getting hip to your product and avoiding it, change the name and hope consumers don’t notice.

Of course some people claim there is a valid debate over whether HFCS is really any worse for your health than refined sugar.  But the very fact that the HFCS lobby has seen the need for these advertisements and feels that a name change is necessary tells you something.  Consumers are turning away from high fructose corn syrup.

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Will Sig
1 Anthony Vincent Samsel

High Fructose Corn Syrup is now called Corn Sugar. In an attempt to rescue the HFCS market. The Corn Growers Association official new name for this endocrine disruptor is CORN SUGAR. Industry battles will continue but food processors are beginning to respond to the bad press given HFCS and increasing consumer concerns.

Aware of the future of HFCS, Monsanto wants a continued piece of the sugar market. Ninety five percent of the corn grown in the USA is GENETICALLY MODIFIED with a significant portion of that going to HFCS. They already have a significant share of the corn, soybean, cotton, canola, sugar beet, and other food markets by way of GMO’s. So to protect their ‘PROFIT MOTIVATED SWEET TOOTH’ they are expanding their horizon’s.

SUGAR IS MONSANTO’S NEXT CONQUEST. Brought to you by the folk’s at MONSANTO, Genetically Modified Sugar Cane. Yes it’s true GMO sugar cane is now being grown and will be in the World’s sugar bowls without your knowledge in the very near future unless YOU TAKE ACTION NOW !!! We need to push for labeling of all GMO’s and fight against this ‘profit driven Beast’.

GMO’s are the products of PURE GREED brought to you by the Biotech industry. The goal of Monsanto, Syngenta, Dupont, Dow, BASF, et al is for MARKET DOMINATION ! This is where the real money is made. It has always been a ‘Mantra of Capitalism’ to find something that everyone needs and supply it even if you have to create a monopoly to do it.

It is the desire of these Biotech companies that they MAKE MONEY FROM EVERY PIECE OF FOOD YOU PUT IN YOUR MOUTH ! This is a well planned marketing strategy. GMO’s are clearly a form of racketeering and monopolization. The Patenting of food is a violation of the Constitution of the United States.

More synthetic engineered junk to deceive the food market for monetary gain. The smell of greed driven ‘Frankenfood Patents’ generating vast sums of corporate money is unconscionable. The use of Non-transgenic Biotechnology is allowing a rapid acceleration of ‘varieties by design’ for the lab coat wearing ‘gods’ of science and their smoking gene guns. Please stop these people from playing GOD.


2 JO

I do not understand why everyone is yelling at the companies that produce it. I am angry at those who buy something he can not know if it hurt him or not. If there will be no buyers, not even be sold.


3 Binky

“Corn sugar” sounds so much better. And healthier, too, since it’s made from a vegetable.


4 Will

Hi Binky – Do you have a glass of corn ethanol with your corn sugar? 😉


5 Anna

Will, I always read ingredients label, and soon as I see corn syrup, that item is out. The same was for MSGs. Too bad because I like to eat marshmallows, lol. Anna 🙂
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6 Will

Hi Anna! And now you may have to look for “corn sugar” also.


7 Chris

I saw that commercial and it is just pathetic what they are trying to do (and getting away with) Obviously there is a difference between sugar and HFCS if they have to proclaim there isn’t in a national ad campaign. Let’s see what else can we re-name to make it sound better – would anyone like a glass of anti-freeze? It isn’t really anti-freeze it’s “cooler-aide” now.. Excuse me while I spit out my sarcasm – it was making my mouth pucker.
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8 Faythe

I have read labels for years & added the HFCS & it’s variants… but in some products it is hard to find w/o! the same w/ MSG & sodium… with all this corn & other food products going into ethanol there won’t be any food to eat, so then there will be no need to drive to get any thing… I may as well get my own belching cow so I don’t run out of dairy, sigh…


9 Joel

there is NO ACTUAL DIFFERENCE between HFCS and sugar except that one is easier to use in a manufacturing process than the other. the fact that companies are using it so much is really because they know Americans like their food sweet. if you have an issue with it, cook your own food and stop buying processed food products. as for poor soul who is worried about someone making money selling it, this is America, we are still somewhat capitalist. making money is why people go into business.


10 Will

Hi Joel – There are many scientist that disagree with what you claim. What are your credentials in this area? I myself am not a nutritionist so can only go with what I have researched on this subject and it seems to me that to our bodies, they are not the same. The How Stuff Works Site, for example says the same:
Snippet below. Or click through on the link below that to read the whole article at the How Stuff Works Site.

“There is, however, some evidence that the body treats HFCS differently than glucose, another common form of sugar. When a person’s liver is deciding what to do with glucose, it has several options: use it for energy; convert the glucose into triglycerides or store the glucose as fat. A 2008 study found that fructose seems to go directly to fat [source: Parker-Pope]. The problem may also be more severe with those who are overweight. The study concluded that fructose itself isn’t bad — particularly fructose found in fruits, which are nutrient rich — but that many people could be better served by limiting fructose consumption and avoiding overeating [source: Parker-Pope].”


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