Corn Syrup Ads Prompt Lawsuit

by updated 2011/04/30

You can read this post to see where I made fun of the high fructose corn syrup advertising campaign.  That post was good for a few chuckles, but not everyone involved in the HFCS debate has been able to laugh at those pathetic advertisements.  The sugar growers of the world are actually suing to try and stop the HFCS ads.  You can read some of the details of the sugar vs. corn syrup lawsuit here, but what this really boils down to is a fight for the millions of dollars of sweeteners added to soda and other “foods” people eat.

I also read somewhere that the high fructose corn syrup manufacturers are legally trying to change the name that they use from HFCS to “Corn Sugar”.  Apparently they feel this name change goes well with the softer, healthier, image they are trying to sell to consumers of soda.  I know that many consumers are reading labels looking for HFCS as an ingredient and putting products that contain it back on the shelf.  Smart move by the HFCS lobby!  If consumers are getting hip to your product and avoiding it, change the name and hope consumers don’t notice.

Of course some people claim there is a valid debate over whether HFCS is really any worse for your health than refined sugar.  But the very fact that the HFCS lobby has seen the need for these advertisements and feels that a name change is necessary tells you something.  Consumers are turning away from high fructose corn syrup.

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