Did You Know? Almonds and Peaches

by updated 2010/02/26

I recently was asked if it was true that almonds and peaches are closely related.  I replied that they both grew on trees and that the interior seeds contained within the pit of a peach did indeed look like almonds.  Thinking this was the reason for the idea that they were related and sensing another urban myth, I did some investigation and  it turns out to be true.  Almonds, peaches, even apricots and plums are all members of the family Rosaceae.   Further they are all members of the genus Prunus and peaches and almonds belong to the “sub-genus” Amygdalus.  So closely related they are but should you eat the seeds of a peach?  I know people who claim they taste like almonds, which makes sense, but I think I will stick to almonds for now!

  How about you? Ever eaten a peach seed? Would you consider doing so and, (if you survive), posting a comment here telling us how closely the taste resembles an almond?

Will Sig

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