Did You Know? Almonds and Peaches


I recently was asked if it was true that almonds and peaches are closely related.  I replied that they both grew on trees and that the interior seeds contained within the pit of a peach did indeed look like almonds.  Thinking this was the reason for the idea that they were related and sensing another urban myth, I did some investigation and  it turns out to be true.  Almonds, peaches, even apricots and plums are all members of the family Rosaceae.   Further they are all members of the genus Prunus and peaches and almonds belong to the “sub-genus” Amygdalus.  So closely related they are but should you eat the seeds of a peach?  I know people who claim they taste like almonds, which makes sense, but I think I will stick to almonds for now!

  How about you? Ever eaten a peach seed? Would you consider doing so and, (if you survive), posting a comment here telling us how closely the taste resembles an almond?

Will Sig
1 Anna

You know Will you read my mind, I always thought there were some similarities too. Thanks for the good information as always. Anna :)


2 Tatiana

Thank you for the info from me too. And I love peaches and almonds, and also apricots and plums are among my favorites. And yes, I have tried eating peach seeds but they are very bitter, and the apricot once do taste better but are bitter too. So are some almonds however, and the bitterness comes from the poison in it. “Spit it out at once if you taste bitterness” my mother used to tell me and I always did ;)
.-= Tatiana´s last blog ..Money Can’t Buy Happiness Indeed… =-.


3 sandy

If you are allergic to ANY nut, then would you say a person would be allergic to peaches?


4 Will

Hi Sandy – I would not know for sure. Maybe if you eat the pit? Are people who are allergic to pecans, allergic to the flesh if they eat that? Interesting that they are so closely related, but we eat the flesh of the peach and the seed of the pecan.


5 captain J

I just ate a peach seed. Remember I had to break the outer shell of the seed to get to the part that looked like an almond. It tasted kind of like an almond a bit bitter. It was a ripe peach and the outer shell broke open easily. Now I wonder if Almonds are surrounded by fleshy fruit like a peach and what that fruit tastes like. This genus family I believe is related to Alma or Myrobalan a sacred fruit or plant, from ancient times before the known history of this eon


6 rocky

i have eaten the seed of a peach and it does taste like a almond so


7 Dave

The seed from the middle of the inside of a peach pit tastes very similar to an almond… almost identical. I’ve done it a few times & I never even got sick.


8 frannie

I recently got peaches from our local farmers market. when i cut one in half the actual peach seed was nonexistent however a seed that looked like an almond was inside. my husband ate it and said it tasted exactly like an almond. go figure.


9 mark

Apparently the peach seed contains small amounts of cyanide (which is derived from wild almonds) and probably shouldn’t be eaten. Although it contains it in such small amounts it wouldn’t be that harmful presumably.


10 Julie

I planted 2 trees that were supposed to be almond trees and guess what… the fruit looks like and smells like peaches. I don’t know whether to eat them or not. I opened the seed up and the pit was bitter but did taste like an almond. I started doing some research and found out that the pit of a peach contains cyanide. I’m still alive but leery about eating the fruit or the pits.


11 Barry Solomon

A almond on the tree looks slot like me a peach but it stays very green, and maybe turns yellow right before it is ready. The the flesh splits open. Often they ooze a clear liquid. The flesh part is much thinner than most peaches and does not taste good. Peach seeds are usually more flat than almond seeds as and softer.


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