Did You Know? Cow Tails.

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tail docking This Did You Know post, explanation here, comes from an anonymous reader who does not want a link.  But remember that any submitted suggestion get credit and a link if desired.  I did know that buying beef from humanely raised cattle was a good thing.  I also know that grass fed and grass finished beef tastes better and is healthier to eat than conventional, mass produced beef.  But I did not know this….

Many dairy and beef cattle operations crowd their animals in so close together that the cows are standing in mud, urine, and manure.  These cows, when they do the normal thing of swatting at flies with their tails, fling manure .  To prevent this, their tails are cut off.  Chopping off cow tails has been banned in Great Britain and  a few other countries, but not where most of the meat for U.S. and Canadian consultation is produced.  At first I was skeptical, but it is indeed true.  You can read more than you ever wanted to know about it at this PDF link.

Hopefully the next Did You Know post will be more upbeat.  Feel free to send a suggestion!

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