Did You Know?


Unusual, Odd, or Downright Outrageous Stories: Submitted by amazingly informed readers.

I would like try a reader generated series on unusual, disturbing, or obscure facts. The idea is that when someone submits a fact or situation I will post it, comment on it, and include a link to the submitters website, (or whatever site they want). This serves two purposes. First, me and my readers get a fresh perspective on some of the things that are happening around the world, things that I might not discover on my own. Also, the submitter gets recognition and a valuable link within the post to the site of their choosing. I have found from my own experience that links within the content of  a site are much more valuable than the links I left in comments. So if you would like to submit a link, idea, or fact for this series, just contact me.

Your submission only needs to be a fact or idea, it does not have to be a post, although any form of submission will be considered. I can research it and flesh it out if needed. Of course I will also offer my incredibly valuable opinion on the submission. Look for the first Did You Know post next week and then be brave and submit your own. I have a few ideas of my own to get this series started, but I believe it will be better with lots of reader generated ideas.  Almost anything goes. Submit something and I bet it will get posted….

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Will Sig
1 Steve

hi Will,
I read this post before and meant to comment on it…
I think you’ve come up with a very interesting “series”. Unfortunately my mind is drawing a blank right now (as it often does) so I have nothing to suggest, but I’ll keep it in mind and look forward to seeing what others suggest. ~ Steve
.-= Steve´s last blog ..Are Trade Shows Obsolete? =-.


2 Will

I think you are right Steve that it could be good. I have found a few times in the past when I write about something someone else has found, interesting twists often occur. And we all know the world is full of odd stuff that tries to pass under the radar.


3 Anna

Hey Will excellent idea, I will keep it in mind. Anna 🙂
.-= Anna´s last blog ..Digital Postcard Series: The Ultimate Fun of the Autumn – My Memories & Now His Fun =-.


4 Steve

hey Will,
I came across a very interesting blog post last week, and just thought of your “Did You Know” series.
Not only can plastics possibly make you fat (your recent post), but they can kill baby albatross chick.
Seriously, I think the following story really shows the impact mankind can have on this earth, and not in a good way.
At first I was skeptical of the pictures (it just did not seem like they could be real, and I wondered if they were posed), but there are so many of them. When I saw who took them (Chris Jordan) and recognized that he did an exhibit I saw here in Santa Barbara on Running The Numbers (amazing exhibit) I realized the pictures are real. You can see them here:
~ Steve
.-= Steve´s last blog ..Are Trade Shows Obsolete? =-.


5 Will

Thanks Steve. I had not seen those beautiful, but shocking, photos. Here is the resulting post and the first in the Did You Know series.


6 Hillary

That is really cool. I will have to come up with my list of interesting facts. When i was in highschool my friends called me the the book of useless knowledge. Because I knew all these random facts.


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