Does The Kyoto Protocol Need a Revision?


I heard rumblings a few weeks ago that the Kyoto Protocol could actually encourage the cutting of old growth and tropical forests. I did not give it too much thought as here in the U.S. there is lots of misinformation flying around about the K.P. However, a Reuter’s article from earlier this week, says there might be something to this concern.rain forest

It seems to be the credit system used in the carbon market that needs to be revised. The article is a very interesting read so I recommend you follow the above link to Reuters. Apparently countries that have not already cut their forests are at a real disadvantage in the current carbon market. Certainly the countries of the world that have thus far avoided deforestation need to be rewarded and encouraged rather than penalized.

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Will Sig
1 Roger Green

I opined back in May that carbon tradeoffs rather reminded me of buying indulgences:


2 Will

Hi Roger! Interesting way to frame it, as an indulgence! The thing is that there is no way that the K.P. or the carbon buying credit market should be ignoring the countries that, up to this point, have not had mass deforestation. Those countries should be acknowledged, rewarded, and encouraged to continue to protect those forests.


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