Earth Hour 2008


This is just a reminder or notice that this year’s earth hour will take place at 8 pm, this Saturday, March 29th. Details about the event can be found here. Although the hearts of the organizers are in the right place, I am not sure this event will be as successful as it could be. I hope I am wrong, and I may be since over a quarter of a million people have already signed up. There are a couple of reasons I think it could be even bigger.

First when you go to the home page of Earth Hour, you are asked to sign up and "agree to receive information from WWF about Earth Hour and other programs". It is stated on another page of the site that "WWF" is the World Wildlife Fund. In any case, asking people to register and agree to receive rather undefined emails is going to be a turn off for some.

Second, the stated single goal of the event is to draw attention to global warming. Nothing is said about other reasons to draw attention to our increasing energy use and dependence on coal and oil. I think if the event was less political and more practical in nature, it would garner more support and publicity.

In any case the plan is simple. Wherever you are, at 8pm local time, turn off all lights for one hour. I don’t know if I will participate, but I might. I lean more towards changes we can make on a smaller scale in our everyday lives than I do towards grand events like this. But who knows? It might be easy enough to do and if it does get millions of people taking part, could even provide an interesting view from space. Maybe I’ll have to ask Bob at Black Holes and Astrostuff what it would take to be visible from a space satellite.


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Will Sig
1 Bob

Hey Will, with millions of people and thousands of companies participating in Earth Hour , should be easy to see the difference and take pics, which I’m sure they will. I think it is a good cause, My companies mall is participating, I will be programming non-esential lights off between 8-9pm, programming because I will be outside under the stars, depending on what our city does, I may be able to re-claim the night sky for an hour.


2 Anna

Hey Will, I took a quick sleep during that time since could not do much in the dark. However, I was wondering about conflict between Earth Hour and Hockey Night in Canada, lol, but looks like Toronto did participated. It is good cause, but for me it really does not make sense for global warming. I rather reduce transportation, and start manufacturing ‘stuff’ locally so we don’t have to have so many trucks, air traffic, water traffic across countries, or continents. We want everything cheap but it is costing us: the future of our planet Earth and future of our children. Great post as always Will, Anna 🙂


3 sky

Namaste’ Will we participated but then again, this is a way of life for us too bfore there was any featured *event*..we dont do this once a year we do this on a daily basis actually for our lifestyle. We light beeswax candles all over and either read, or talk, or meditate, anything we want really to do and it’s a special time, and at the same time something *we* can do as part of a WHOLE of things we do in our lil lives to *play our part*

We had a teenager stay at the cabin from thursday till sunday night lets just say I am glad we had her participate, and see what it was all about you do lead by example in life.

I am not BIG on these once a year events either, but if it even brings one more person into the cause whom will also eventually alter their own every day ways of living aware, then maybe it’s worth the hype. :0)

I tell people hey monthly throw earth hour parties bring out the candles, munchies, sparkling apple cider, and share stories in a group setting, talk about books read, etc it is amazing.



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