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Next week, September 9 -16 is “Eat Local Week”. This is a great chance to focus on the idea of making many of your food choices have a local source. I do understand the idea of having such a week to create some publicity and educate about the advantages of eating local food. But, it is also important to keep it as a focus for the other 51 weeks in the year!

I have written about local food before, and have a link in the sidebar here to help locate local food sources in your area. Also, there may be grass roots organizations in your community working to help local food producers and consumers connect. Ask about local food resources at your food co-op, health food store, or farmer’s market. As an example of some localized groups working to promote local producers, here are two links to groups in Southern Oregon. The Rogue Valley Trading Company and Thrive.

The important thing to remember about this issue is that there are many different reasons for making our purchasing decisions as local as possible. You can take a look at these articles from my “local food” category for a few different looks at this subject. I am taking part in the “100Mile Diet Challenge” which has turned out to be more difficult than I had imagined. Ideas like this do get us thinking about the issues, though.

The best part is that in this, like in most other things in life, it is not all or nothing. Just a few small changes made by thousands of families, can make a big difference.

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