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Today is World Food Day and also Blog Action Day and what better opportunity is there than this for us to think about the importance of Ethical Food.  Although Ethical Food has been a cause of mine for years, it has been a while since I have written about its importance, so here we go. A good place to get up to speed on what I originally wrote about the importance of this issue is to read my original, now republished, post titled: Ethically Raised Food.

On this Blog Action Day, thousands of people are expressing what they think about what the world eats.  If you want to browse some of these blog posts, here is a link to the Blog Action Day Twitter Feed that lists them all, and a link to the Blog Action Day Website itself.  Many of the posts relate to poverty and hunger.  Many others question the safety of our food supply.  One man in Britain was searching for posts on sustainable housing construction and discovered sustainable gardening.  There are posts on organic food, food waste, farming, getting kids to eat healthy, almost anything you can think of.  Except. Ethical Food.  Search the Blog Action Day Twitter for “Ethical” and the result is: “No Tweet results for ethical #bad2011“.  Many of the posts incorporate ideas that relate directly to ethical food production, but none seem to specifically address the topic.  Let this post be the first, then.

The reason I have championed ethical food production for so long is that ethical food encompasses so many concerns about our food supply.  If you are concerned about animal abuse on farms, chemical residue on vegetables, trans-fats in packaged food, if you are eating a vegetarian or vegan diet, or just trying to eat a healthier diet, striving to reduce soda consumption, or almost anything else related to food and health, then you have ethical food concerns.  Thirty five years ago as a very young man, I learned about the methods used to produce veal.  That day I vowed never to eat veal again.  That was an obvious ethical food concern, but when my co-worked decided to eat only organic apples, that was an ethical food decision also.

So following are a couple more links to ethical food resources to think and read about on this blog action day.  Leave a comment below telling us how you may be incorporating ethical food choices into your life with food decisions you make every day.

After reading some of the links in this post, you might realize that you have made many ethical food choices over the years without even knowing you were part of the ethical food movement.

Articles on Ethical Food  at

Google Search  Results For “Ethical Food”.

A Small Food Ethics Blog.


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