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Here are a few photos from this past week showing one of the great rewards of having your own organic vegetable garden.  The first two photos show the old standby of an abundance of tomatoes for cooking, drying and sauce making.  I can pick one or two bowls like this every day at this time of year. The third photo below shows an eggplant dish with 2 varieties of eggplant, 4 types of peppers, plus onions, garlic and tomatoes, all organic and all picked minutes before cooking.

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Will Sig
1 Andrew Flusche

Beautiful! Those tomatoes are especially making me hungry. Speaking of which, I have to go check the grill. We’ve got some yummy-licious food getting ready for eatin’. 🙂

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2 rjleaman

Oh great, now I’m just overcome by a huge wave of envy for your full complement of great big soup pots! Yes, that’s exactly what a person needs for harvest time.

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3 PSP Games

As the food get plucked from the trees and transferred to markets in this time they loose their molecular structure and hence loose the good healty characterstics. Therefore having food in the garden is a very good thing for health and for good taste too.

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4 Steve

Wow, Will, that’s a nice basket of tomatoes in your first picture! My own tomato production is starting to lag, but that just means there are now less to give away (still plenty to eat). It’s your second picture that really gets me. I am sooooo jealous of that stove (and the pots). Is that a five burner? Double wow!
~ Steve, self-acknowledged tomato addict and also know as “trade show booths”


5 Bob

Looking good Will, we went to the farmers market downtown Saturday and stocked up on lots of stuff, nothing better then fresh garden tomatoes

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6 Anna

Yes Will it is really rewarding to plant your own vegetables. Unfortunately my garden is not that big, so I grow parsley and shallots only, and some basil. I had nice goose barries this year, but I only collected one cup. I came back to collect more in next couple of days, and they were all gone – probably racoons, lol. Oh well, I will have to do something about it next year. Great photos, and wow very nice tomatoes. Anna 🙂

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7 Anna, Beth & Cory

Those tomatoes look so good. I’m still waiting on mine to ripen, since I got them planted pretty late. I have been getting some nice green beans and zucchini from my garden.

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8 AstroGremlin

A crop like tomatoes can yield a huge harvest, IF they don’t catch a virus like curly top or TMV. I’ve found gardening more satisfying when I diversify a bit and plant different crops. Odds are good something will bear fruit!
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