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wall-of-water Especially at this time of year when if you don’t stay on top of things, your garden will suffer this summer.  I have been out in the two vegetable gardens for many hours this week, planting seeds, transplanting veggies I started in the greenhouse.  In addition to putting in the wanted plants, I have been pulling out the unwanted, (weeds), that just love this time of year.  We have also had a very dry spring so I have had to begin watering earlier than normal this year.  Fortunately the snowpack in the mountains where all our water comes from is normal or above, it is just the ground here on the valley floor that has been dry.

If you grow some of your own food, and if you don’t you should, do you struggle to avoid letting this time of year get away from you?  I think it may be easier for people who live further south and have a longer growing season.  For us northern gardeners, once the weather starts to warm up, we have a very short window to get things done.

One year I missed getting basil and summer squash started in time by just a few weeks and I never had the normal bounty of those that summer.  This year things are right on schedule.  I even put out the first early tomato plants yesterday, protected by that great invention, Walls of Water.  The peas are 8 inches tall, I have been harvesting fresh lettuce, chard, kale, radishes, and cilantro.  I planted potatoes last week and will start the first zucchini tomorrow.

Today we are going out exploring and geocaching.  Tomorrow I’ll be working in the garden again.  I do promise to find time to read and respond to all the comments of the past few days.  So do you garden?  Does this time of year instill a sense of urgency in you also?  Or are you one of those folks, like Steve, who live in a climate where the seasonal timetable has no great influence on your gardening?

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Will Sig
1 wilson

Will, is your garden the “Organic edible garden”? Based on the picture, I can say that you’ve taking a good care on the garden! Well, I knew that the gardeners have a lot of works to do and it won’t be easy to become a garderer!

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2 Steve

Hi Will,
Thanks for the shout out. Might you provide a link for the Wall of Water thing? It sounds and looks interesting… are they water filled plasic bag walls or something? Did you mention them in an old post? ~ Steve

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3 Will

Hey Steve – Yes I did write about them within a post a year or more ago. Here is a link to Walls O Water.

Whoops that was wrong. It is, however what a Google search returned!

Here is a correct link – But they are available all over the place. I started using them years ago when they first came out and were hard to find. Now I can get them locally.


4 Will

Hi Wilson – Yes my 1/2 acre of vegetable garden is all organic. That photo above is not actually of my plot but there are many photos of mine on other posts here.


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