Gardening in the Mud


I feel a bit like this muddy pup today although he is much cleaner than I am.  I spent the morning outside in the rain, planting roses, gladiolas, lilies, and lilacs.  Why?  Because there is limited time and these things need to be done.  Ironically I spent most of this week at work gardening in the rain and mud!

When you are working with soil that is very wet, caution is in order.  Especially if you have soil with some clay content, too much working when very wet can damage the soil’s structure.  I was very careful and I’m sure it will be fine.  Still gardening this time of year can be a challenge.  Unless, of course, you garden where Tony does.  Our winter is Tasmania’s summer and I am jealous.

How many of you spend some of your days off doing exactly what you do at work?  I guess that is a sign that maybe what you do for work is something you like to do?  Or maybe not?

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Will Sig
1 Tony

Even though it’s summer we have had lots rain this month. I began in the garden Saturday till a big downpour halted my progress. This morning I was out there with my coat & hat on picking peas & broccolini. I had to get the peas picked as I don’t like the slightly bitter taste they seem to get when they get too big. I have just finished blanching & freezing them. I got exactly 1kg of peas once they were all shelled & a good aount of broccolini. My 1st harvest for this season. The alternating between rain & warm sunny periods is working wonders for the veggies this year as everything seems to be growing so fast


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