Gardening is Officially Exercise


abel_grimmer_reducedA new study published in the journal HortTechnology makes it official.  Gardening has enough physical benefits to meet the recommended exercise requirements of older people.  The study looked only at the gardening habits of people between 63 and 86, but it is felt the results would transfer to other age groups.  This is something I have believed since reading somewhere years ago that people who listed regular gardening as a hobby were among the longest lived people.  When you add in the mental health benefits of gardening, like this one, a better activity would be hard to find.

Another interesting fact that this study found explains my difficulty finding time this month to write as much as I like to.  Gardeners who kept logs for the researchers were found to garden an average of 33 hours a week in May!  This dropped down to as low as 10 or 12 in June, July and August.  As soon as I post this I am heading outside to the garden, so I am sure doing my part to keep May’s average up.  It does make sense though, at least in the Northern Hemisphere.  The work you put in at the start of the growing season is directly proportional to the results you see and vegetables you harvest later in the year.  Now off I go!

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Will Sig
1 Liz

Good to know! Now if only if it would stop raining long enough for me to actually get outside into the garden, I would be happy!

Lizs last blog post..Short Updates


2 John Hunter

Good stuff. The Amish get a great deal of exercise by farming simply. Of course farming is a bit more than just gardening.

John Hunters last blog post..The Great Sunflower Project


3 Anna

Hey Will I can believe that. But I also find that some gardeners, like my parents, just don’t know where to stop, they get stressed and always say the same thing, this is my last year – oh yeah I hear this every year, lol. Excellent post Will and happy gardening. Anna 🙂 BTW I like the way you listed multiple post on the blog.

Annas last blog post..A Bit of Knowledge: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words


4 The Right Blue

Gardening as exercise? Yep! Works for me. 😉

The Right Blues last blog post..Sea Turtle says: You go that way, I’ll go this way.


5 Will

The rain has stopped, the temp is in the 90’s and the weeds are doing what weeds do this time of year!

Anna – How does the garden stress them? It is supposed to do just the opposite!

John – The Amish also have tremendous willpower to avoid overeating. Plus they eat very little processed foods, one of the biggest baddies. Sometimes their lifestyle seems attractive, then I think about how much I love technology!


6 Anna

Hey Will, because they don’t do stuff in moderation. My parents are like children sometimes, don’t know where to stop, and then they get exhausted, lol. But most of the time they actually enjoy it very much. Anna 🙂

Annas last blog post..A Bit of Knowledge: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words


7 Sarah in Plano

I agree with you. My muscles that I didn’t even know I had.. hurts 🙂 I love to garden here in Plano and we even have a group that plants flowers for parks and schools.

Sarah in Planos last blog post..Why you should invest in your first home.


8 Lee

Gardening is good exercise! In fact, it works a lot of muscles that you might not normally work plus it has the added benefit of being out in nature.

It’s a great stress reliever too – not only the actual gardening itself but the satisfaction and joy of looking at a beautiful garden you created (for flower gardeners) and eating nutritious foods that you grew (for veggie gardeners).

I’ve read that gardening is great for helping to prevent osteoporosis.
Lee recently posted..The Right Gardening Tools Makes A Big DifferenceMy Profile


9 Jane The Organic Gardener

Sounds good to me! I’m off to get some excercise done in a moment then 🙂


10 Whitney Segura

Very awesome blog post, this type of article is what makes me motivated to go blog reading. I especially liked reading all of the cool statistics about gardening. Now, I can tell my wife that I am working out, in the garden! I always try to kill 2 or more birds with 1 stone, and this certainly makes the cutt. Overall this is an excellent post, I have shared this to our social network and have linked to this post on our blog.


11 Keith Martin

It”s good to know that gardening and exercising go hand in hand. After being out in the Texas heat in the garden on 100 degree day the last thing I feel like doing is exercising.

Now I have proof to show my wife that we can take care of two things at one time.

Thanks for sharing.

Keith Martin


12 Keith

It’s always neat when the scientific community acknowledges what the rest of us have know for some time.
All I know is that when I walk a lot when I haven’t walked in a while, I am sore the next day. When I work out after taking some time off, I am sore the next day. And when I first work in the garden after a long time off, I am also sore. The correlation makes perfect sense to me.


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