Genetic Engineering At Home


Now here is something that might need some regulation!  I recently came across a support community for biology at home and wonder if I am being paranoid about mutations escaping from someone’s kitchen?  What do you think?  Genetically engineered organisms are really becoming common and when you read about the potential advances to food and medicine, it is hard to be critical.  However, when you read about the possible adverse effects on the existing natural world, it is hard not to be worried.  Genetically modified organisms may be an inevitable reality now, but people creating them at home???

Below is a quote from an AP article published today on “do it yourself” genetic engineering.  You can read the whole AP story here.

Using homemade lab equipment and the wealth of scientific knowledge available online… hobbyists are trying to create new life forms through genetic engineering… In her San Francisco dining room lab, for example, 31-year-old computer programmer Meredith L. Patterson is trying to develop genetically altered yogurt bacteria that will glow green to signal the presence of melamine, the chemical that turned Chinese-made baby formula and pet food deadly.

I don’t know… the green, glowing yogurt Meredith is trying to develop seems harmless enough.  But, is this the slippery slope we need to be care of?

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Will Sig
1 Anna

Hey Will that’s sound scary, next think I will be blogging with some creature on the other side not even knowing it, lol.
Kidding aside, that should not be allowed, because, I know for fact, that things can be created by accident, of good intention, but bad result.

Excellent post Will!

Anna 🙂

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2 Swubird


It all sounds a little too Doctor Frankenstein to me. Someone secretly working in their basement to create a little gene splice that will turn an apple blue may sound harmless. But what happens when the unknown factor enters the equation? Suddenly, the little “blue” gene snippet splices itself into the human genome and “bingo” we all become little blue men from earth.

Unhappy trails.

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3 Will

Yeah, there are all sorts of scary scenarios that I can think of. It gets quite complicated very fast. Even the simple question posed a couple of months ago about whether organic soy milk was free from genetically modified soybeans was not easy to answer. And if you read a few posts on Nigel’s site you can’t help but think his well researched views are correct. On the other hand some of the modified food crops have as their objective feeding the hungry of the world or reducing a crops need for synthetic pesticides. It is hard to disagree with these objectives. A very complicated issue!


4 Anna

Hey Will, the interesting part is that we evolved and things evolved around us, and new things emerged because of mutations. The only problem now is that these are intentional mutations, as oppose to accidental one. In fact it is complicated issue. Yeah life is taugh, lol, but then what can you do. The faster we reach our knowledge peak, the faster we will be sliding down, so we better enjoy our life fast, lol. Anna 🙂

Annas last blog post..Letter to Santa Claus at the Northpole


5 Dr. Dan

Hi Will,
Are you sure you want to give more control to the govn’t, because that is what you are advicating by asking for more control. Look where we would be if govn’t control was implemented on the computer. Yes I agree there is a chance for problems….I believe your a little to doomsayer
This is only my opinion….Dr. Dan


6 Tony McGurk

Good Grief what could come of this. Hey maybe I could genetically engineer toast that is vegemite flavoured to save time by having to spread it on. Actually spreading it on would probably be quicker than years of scientific research…


7 Emmett

With genetic engineering, there is a thin line between ethics and science. In the hands of the wrong person, genetic engineering could be very dangerous.


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