Genetically Modified Virus To Kill Bacteria


ogm_-_adn I heard recently that there is a genetically modified virus that is used in the production of livestock.   This virus is made to kill bacteria and thus allow cattle producers to avoid using antibiotics in their livestock feed.  At first glance, some may think this is a good idea as it eliminates the use of antibiotics in meat production.   But what about raising the cattle in such a way that they are not sick in the first place and in need of anything to keep them from dying before they can be killed for market?  I must be a Luddite or something, but I don’t like this scary idea.  I did a Google search and I can’t find any specific information on this, so I am not even sure it is really true.  Anyone heard of it?

I did come across a reference to scientists developing a genetically modified virus that controls mouse populations by making the females sterile.  Now that is a great idea.  Release something like this that is supposedly tested to be mouse specific and then find out that, whoops it does indeed cross over to a different species.  Even if it is mouse specific, what happens to all the animals that eat mice as part of their diet once all the mice are gone?

I really am concerned about the idea of using genetically modified viruses and bacteria for anything at all.  It just seems like one mistake may be one too many and we all know a mistake wiould probably be inevitable.

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Will Sig
1 Anna

Ouch this is actually scary idea Will. I don’t trust viruses. Anna 🙂

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2 Joey Logano

Yeah thats right Anna, it’s always a scary thing when dealing with this stuff, because its really dangerous territory hehe.


3 wilson

Yeah, Will. Believe it or not, they’ve also used the Viruses to build the battery, which is known as “Virus-built battery”. It seems human beings are starting to entrust their life with the viruses…!

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4 Will

Thanks for that information, Wilson. I looked into it and it is fascinating, and a bit scary. Sometimes I wonder if we are all being Luddites when it comes to this stuff or if our concerns are justified?


5 Peter Moss

It is unbelievable what they do with plant and animal species these days.

Scientists who are working on this are mad men and women.
They are probably very knowledgeable in their fields but exhibit a very poor judgement when it comes to a simple distinction of right and wrong.
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6 Will

Mad is right Peter! I mean inserting a Round Up ready gene into corn so the corn can be saturated with glyphosate poison then harvested and inserted into our food. Insanity!


7 alyndria

I can understand people’s concers about using viruses for different uses, however I am not aginst it. Will, in responce to your original post, raising livestock so that they just don’t get sick in the first place is imposable. most of the bactiria, parisites and the like are naturaly accuring in water (especualy streams and ponds), and other natural sources of nutrition, not to mention exposure to humans. As for the mouse sterilization, the purose of this was to bring down the mouse population, and potentialy rat populations as well, in areas that have a high human population seeing as rodents can carry A LOT of nasty passengers with them.
GM viruses have been prooven to reduce tumers and have the ability to spacificly target cancer cells. All of these uses are extensizly tested and researched before ever being put into practice.


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