Geocaching is Exercise After All!


I am a big fan of a great game called geocaching.  I have written many posts on the activity and include my current stats over there —–>> in the right sidebar.  Even though I have been geocaching since 2004, my numbers are not as large as some long-time geocachers.  I think this is because I gravitate towards the caches that are out in the woods, or hidden at interesting places to visit.  I tend to geocache when I am out hiking or exploring, but I rarely go out for a run on urban geocaches just to build up the stats.  I am not saying the days of urban caching are not fun, it just seems that for whatever reason,I seem to find them one at a time rather than in big bunches. Since I am always in need of more exercise, if I have the time to go looking for a cache I usually incorporate a hike or walk into the search.  Now, according to a video I found and embedded below, I can make even the in-town geocaches good for my physical fitness!

I also seem to geocache in a solitary fashion these days.  I am often out with a group of hikers when I find a cache, but it is very unusual for any of them to even know what geocaching is unless they have seen me searching for one before.  They may have a vague opinion of geocaching as something geeks do on the rare occasions they leave their offices or computers.  I put that idea in the same category of misconceptions that “homeschooled children lack socialization” lives in.  I educate them as best as I can, but rarely seem to interest anyone enough to get them to help me search.  When my children were younger, we used to cache together a lot.  Although my son is still game for the occasional geocache, now that they are older and busy with their own lives, that does not seem to happen as often.

Here are a few questions for all of you…..  Have you ever heard of geocaching?  If yes, have you ever searched for a geocache?  If you have not taken part in the activity, does it seem like something you would enjoy?  If it seems like it would not interest you, I am especially interested in the reasons for that.

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Will Sig
1 Binky

I’ve heard of it, but have never participated. I think I would have quite liked it years ago, but now that I’m old and decrepit I’m not so sure. Don’t you need a smartphone or gps to do it? I don’t have either. Maybe if they had geocaching at those Walmart supercenters. . .
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