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One of the pieces of technology some of us more addicted, I mean serious, geocachers use is Geocaching Swiss Army Knife, or GSAK. This software allows us to easily maintain and manipulate an off-line database of geocaching data from Using GSAK we can also export our data to other software programs like CacheMate and upload cache waypoints to our GPS receivers. This combination of software allows us to go hunting for geocaches without the need to bring along a single sheet of paper.

When I first started geocaching, I had to print out volumes of paper and organize it into a binder in order to have the information I needed out on the hunt. Now, I use my home computer, (OK, I admit I have an old laptop dedicated to geocaching), connected to the internet and running GSAK. I added to that a used Palm Color PDA purchased for $30.00 on eBay running the CacheMate software. Now, I never have to print out a single sheet of paper to go geocaching. The savings on printer ink alone over the past couple of years has probably paid for the laptop and PDA!

Another big reason I recommend GSAK over other geocaching software programs is the customer service and product support of Clyde England, the developer of GSAK and “Kai Team“, who is the main moderator of the GSAK forums. The sort of polite, patient, support they provide is second to none!

If you decide you like geocaching I highly recommend you look to the combination of GSAK and CacheMate to make your geocaching adventures easier to plan and organize.

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Will Sig
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I couldn’t agree more. I love using Geocaching Swiss Army Knife and couldn’t imagine what I would do without it. Thanks for great share! More geocachers out there need to check out this software.


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