Getting Lost in the Green Details



I usually get 4 or 5 contact emails a week, about 1/2 of them asking questions. One of the most frequent questions is along the lines of: "How can I make healthy changes that don’t disrupt my life? People are often assuming that to achieve positive green living or personal health benefits, they will need to make drastic changes in their lives. This is probably the most commonly held misconception about making any kind of change, whether it is in health, lifestyle, financial, personal, or anything else.

I remember a quote I read a few months ago. I just searched for it again and believe it was said by Carl Zichella, an official with the California Sierra Club. He was speaking to the idea of incorporating green environmental changes into your life, but what he said is readily applied to any changes you desire.

 "You can go crazy and get lost in the details and completely miss the point that every little bit helps."

So true. Whatever changes you would like to make, whether trying to save money on your heating bill, use a few less gallons of gas each week, drink less soda, lose a few pounds, (hint: drink less soda), or reduce the volume of what you contribute to the landfill, think small. You might even start with a change that, at first glance, seems too small to make any difference at all. Stick to that small change for a few days, or weeks and I think you will be surprised at the results and at your ability to expand and build upon those first small steps.


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Will Sig
1 Andrew Flusche

Will – I love that quote! It’s such an incredibly true statement. How did we all learn to walk? With baby steps. That’s how most long-term change happens.


2 Jennifer Robin

So true. Approach it any other way, and you can make yourself nuts trying to work through the contradictions.


3 Will

That is a great way to put it. The seeming contradictions are what put people off sometimes. But what should be realized is that a positive change in one area is not negated by an inability or lack of desire to make a change in another place. Start with what you can and want to do, and start at a pace that will ensure success, not discouragement.


4 sky

Namaste’ Will Brilliant post my dear! this post of yours can carry over to other things as well. I get asked lots how do you stay in shape, what is your work out regime, eating regime etc etc…well I had the advantage young of growing up in a body building family , very active lifestyle physically and health conscious wise. BUT I KNOW for a fact that these things need to be incorporated in small increments, if just starting out, to get into shape for example.

So if you drink 5 cans of soda a day hahaha take one out, and continue to do take another out. Walk for five minutes a day for a couple weeks and then as your capacity increases and you are starting to *feel* good, make it to ten. It is about little steps as to not overwhelm, that is why so many people make all these new years resolutions and within a couple months have dropped out of them. nd dieting? forget it!!! I never have dieted I simply follow a plan that works well and is in *balance* for my body and lifestyle, simple really.

We are creatures of habit for the most part, so it is about replacing old habits that may not be working as well, with new ones that may be of some better benefit, to either the environment (such as your post) and thus this also adds to character, our soul and spirit, or health changes to our physical health, which will then have an effect on our emotional health in the long run.

GREAT Post!!!!!! details, details, details, so true Will, life is already too full of them why add to it eh?



5 Anna

Will glad you made this post. The best change is to have discipline, and start low and work yourself up – that is what always worked for me. Most of us want to start with this great change, which almost resembles like mysteriously landing on the Mount Everest and then sliding down, that is what usually happens too, we get so excited, we overwork ourselves, and then we say it isn’t worth it. Therefore, I think it is better to climb the Mount Everest from the bottom up. It all starts with a small crack….I also mention discipline too, because I think it is very important factor in going forward and shaping that good path in our lives. Thanks for sharing again, great post Will. Anna 🙂


6 Bob

Truer words were never spoken, very important we do the little things that we can accomplish and not get frustrated and abandon, that’s why I liked Earth Hour so much.


7 Will

Hi Bob – Speaking of Earth Hour, did you ever come across any before and during satellite pictures? I searched quickly and all I found was someone saying that satellites have proven it is Earth Hour all the time in North Korea!

I guess 8pm is still pretty light in most places, so it would have been hard to detect.


8 Bob

Hey Will, no I didn’t and it is not for the lack of trying either, looked everywhere, really strange.


9 Mike Touch

Great saying.
Constant small changes to create a big change. We didn’t come about in a day but after years and years of evolution


10 Betty

Very nice post…Everything big always start with something little, including changing. I agree with that.


11 Acupuncture

Wonderful quote! Every little bit counts, indeed. Thanks for the post!

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12 An American in France

I think one of the biggest changes someone can make is to just realize how much they dispose. When doing this, you’ll start to curb what you use. There are times that I’m at a store and I’ll buy something small and they start to put it in a bag and I’ll say, “no, that’s ok, I can carry it.” I didn’t used to do that.

An American in Frances last blog post..A Course in French Food


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