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barefoot Now whenever I hear the words “improve your brain function”, or anything remotely related, I sit up and pay attention. I sure can use all the help I can get in this area! I heard this mentioned in passing in an NPR story. I can’t find the original studies or research, but the summary is this…..

Going barefoot somehow stimulates your brain to grow additional, very efficient neuron connections. The person being interviewed was an expert on brain injury and recovery. When asked what they themselves do to maintain a healthy brain as they age, the answers were the normal ones like, eat lots of fruits and vegetable, get lots of the healthy omega-3 fats, plenty of sleep, exercise, and challenging intellectual activities. Then they stated that they also go barefoot as often as possible and this has been shown to have a beneficial effect on the health of your brain.

I do often garden barefoot in the summer just because I like the feel of the soil, but other than that I usually have on shoes or sandals. I wonder if the benefits outweigh the risks of stubbed toes or sharp objects? I do wish I could find the original research or study, but it appears not to have been widely publicized. Or maybe it is just so new it has not yet been picked up. I think it was the areas of the brain referenced in this article that were positively enhanced. Sounds too good to be true. Maybe it is?

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Will Sig
1 Mike

it’s certainly a lot better for your feet. I began to have a lot of problems with my feet a few years ago. My doctor told me to do my bodybuilding barefoot and to walk barefoot as much as possible and my problems would go away.

So I’ve been doing that for 2-3 years now and it’s true. No more pain. and I’ve gone from a size 13 to a size 10!!! Simply because the muscles in my feet are being trained and have become strong enought to pull the bones into place and hold them!!!

Wearing shoes is about equal to smoking as far as your health goes….


2 Steve

Thanks for making my day Will. This is great news, and I’m not going to worry about whether it’s accurate or not. 🙂
I do have one question though… does wearing crocs count? At least a little? I’m a huge crocs fan, even if they do look a bit dorky.
~ Steve, the crocs-loving, dorky trade show guru

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3 Atniz

Something new learned today. In my house, I like to walk barefoot. Maybe, I should continue to do this.

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4 Beth

Going barefoot to improve brain. I had to re-check the post date on this to make sure it was not April 1st 🙂

I walk around the house barefoot… but not much outside. Wonder if inside/outside makes a difference.

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5 Joey Logano

All I gotta say is that is good to know =D It would certainly make sense to try and go barefoot as much as possible, offcourse when it is convenient for your, like inside your home, and that sorta of stuff, where you know its clean 🙂

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6 Anna

Hey Will here is something for me then, lol, I love going barefoot. May be I should show this to my husband so he can stop being on my case all the time for not wearing shoes in the house, and sometimes outside, lol. When I was young we always ran around barefoot, and ofcourse always steppted on the bees or wasps, ouch it was painful. Anna 🙂

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7 Will

@ Mike: Interesting about the reduction in you shoe size. My feet are a couple of sizes larger than they were 20 years ago. Maybe that is why.

@ Steve: I thought Crocs were outlawed??

@ Anna: Vodka bottles? With water? Sure……..


8 Dave

My wife has had problems with her feet for years and wears orthotics. She knew for a long time that I loved to go barefoot, but was afraid it would be bad for her feet. About two summers back, just for fun, I invited her to go barefoot in the park on a date. She discovered afterward that her feet actually felt a lot better. Since then, she’s been the one asking me to go barefoot in the park. We have several large parks nearby and have been able to walk for several miles in our bare feet.

Yes, you have to be careful, but that’s actually part of the experience and one of the reasons it’s beneficial to go barefoot. With shoes on, you don’t pay attention to how you’re walking, and that can set you up for injury. Also, we’ve both found that when we’re barefooted we slow down and become cognizant of everything going on around us. It makes a long walk in a park a whole lot more fun.

If you’ve never tried it, go barefoot in the park with your spouse or significant other. You’ll find it’s fun, romantic and actually healthy if you’re careful.


9 Will

Hi Dave – Thanks for that. I used to live at the ocean and went barefoot all the time. I used to say if I saw someone on the sand with shoes on, something was terribly, sadly, wrong with them. Neve thought about the park, though.


10 AliceIacuzzo

Barefoot going will improve our brain, is this really? I have never worn shoes while at home(of course, winter is an exception). Not knowing this special stimulation, I just like the feeling. I am sure I can insist this interesting activity!


11 The Hatchet

You would be surprised, the risk of injury while being barefoot is actually VERY small. I go barefoot just about all the time, wearing sandals very rarely, and as long as you are not totally oblivious to where you are walking, the chance of injury is almost non-existant.

The only problems come with adjustment. Wearing shoes stops the muscles in the foot from moving, and they atrophy, this causes many to actually have pain whilst barefoot. A solution is to do it gradually, until you can walk about like people are supposed to.

If you started going barefoot full time, you, like the great many others who have already learned this, would feel much healthier, more open minded, more relaxed, and any pain in your ankles, knees, hips, and lower back would completely disappear (in many cases). Thousands of people can attest to it, as can a few, heavily downplayed (by shoe companies, paying sometimes 30 million to keep studies quiet) studies that prove it also.

Try it, what is the worst that could happen. I mean really, the only injuries that ever happen is when you are staring at the clouds, and then you could injure your feet in shoes too.

One last thing, going barefoot may have small risks, but wearing shoes all the time is very dangerous, it can lead to the growth of fungi and bacteria, and can damage the structure of feet, sometimes permanently. Wear shoes with caution, the surgeon general actually recommends wearing gloves to handle shoes, and washing your feet when you take them off, they are warm, moist and dark, practically an incubation chamber. Try that on for size. And there are NO laws whatsoever in the united states about bare feet, except in Alabama, where you need to wear footwear while operating a motorcycle. http://www.barefooters.org has the letters to the health department, and all the state DMVs. The myths come from the old anti-hippy super-conservative days of old, and the myths are so ingrained in society, that even some police believe them until you show them the letters from the government.


12 Will

Hey Hatchet – Good stuff. What about those signs I see everywhere? “No Shoes? No Shirt? No Service!” lol! What you say makes a lot of sense. I think a lot of us are afraid of cutting our feet on a piece of glass. But the chances are probably as you say, very low.


13 The Barefoot Book - reviewed

I see it’s been roughly a year since anyone replied to this thread, but there’s a new book out called “The Barefoot Book” that deals with a lot of these issues and more. All very interesting stuff, well worth the read. Click on “The Barefoot Book -reviewed” above to see – you guessed it – a review of “The Barefoot Book.”


14 Steve Elliot

The Barefoot Book is a great read and convinced me to go barefoot! Can get it on Amazon for less money. Also a good read is Barefoot Running and Barefoot Hiking books ; also on Amazon.com.
I have had flat feet since birth and by going barefoot I am now developing an arch and my feet hurt very seldom now!! Thank the Lord!!! Try it! Going barefoot does help the whole muscle and skeleton structure and posture of our bodies. Do it outside on grass or dirt or gravel and you get the Earthing benefit of negative charged ions entering your body to counter our over positive charged bodies which reduces pain and stiffness. God bless, later Steve


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