Google Search Results Sometimes Very Bad

by updated 2012/06/13

Google has made a big deal recently about how all their recent changes are supposed to make search results more relevant and accurate. Many small sites like this one have been severely penalized because we are not considered “authoritative” enough to be included in search results. The problem is that many of the sites that are now showing up at the top of Google search results are not only garbage, but often down right scummy content thieves. This is a problem that many online are writing about, but I have yet to see Google admit there is a problem.

I will try to show one example here, but keep in mind that depending on your location and search history, Google results might look different to you than to me. I did a search for “organic food” specifying that results come from only blogs. I was trying to see if anyone had paid to read a research study I had recently written about and then posted a blog article about the study. The first blog at the top of the Google search results looked to be exactly what I wanted to find but when I clicked through to it I found it was a patently obvious scraper site. The site was copying articles from across the web and re-posting them as their own content. The site was the worst kind of plagiarizer site there is, often posting several articles an hour, all stolen from other, original, sites. But Google put this scumbag site right at the top of the search results!!

Here is a link to the results in question. Hopefully those results will stay the same over time so you can see the site in question at the search result titled: “Does eating organic food make you a jerk”. If the search results don’t show that for you, following is the link that will take you to the site Google put at the top of the results. You will need to edit out the “dot” from the link text and replace it with a period as I don’t want to give a real link to that spam, scraper site. http://organic-food-tips *dot* com/  And here is a link to the actual article I wanted to read that had been stolen from the original author at a legitimate website: http://organic-food-tips *dot* com/does-eating-organic-food-make-you-a-jerk-2/  Fortunately I did find the original article at the Fox News site and linked to that from my previous post.

This is very discouraging to those of us that try to post original content but then see that content stolen by a scraper site and re-posted by Google at the top of their “authoritative and relevant” search results. The original articles by the original authors are often no place to be found in the search results.  Shame on you Google.

Will Sig

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