Health Care Bill Passes – Now What or So What?


 As anyone who has not been sleeping all week knows, the House passed a “Health Care Bill” this week. Observing the cheers, and tears after Speaker Pelosi gaveled the vote I could not help but have a guilty feeling of so what. No matter what happens in the Senate, and no matter what form the final passage takes, it seems apparent now that will not be any kind of real reform at all. I understand that this was doomed politically from the start, but to finally see the failure to pass anything of significance staring us in the face, is disheartening.

I expect that once this is all done, there will be a lot of back slapping and spin from those trying to gain political capital from the passage of “reform”.  But in reality what will happen is very little actual improvement.  But, because the media and politicians will see the circus of 2009 -2010 as having successfully addressed this issue, true reform will go on to the back burner again.  Ten or fifteen years from now, when another suitable administration is in place, one more attempt to fix our broken system of affordable access to medical services will be tried.  To say this is disappointing to many of us is to use understatement to its fullest.

What do you think?  Watch the short video below and tell us if you think the elation of these politicians is as disingenuous as I think it is.

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Will Sig
1 Keith

One has to be careful not to confuse going to a doctor or hospital with health care. Prevention is , as you know, Will, the key.

The best advice for longevity and good health I have ever heard was this: Don’t be a patient. I try to follow that advice as much as possible.

Eat right, supplement wisely, exercise and get plenty of sleep. Then you will see the truth about this “health care reform;” it’s just another way to get in your wallet, no matter what rhetoric is used.


2 Kirk Petersen


I found your blog because you took out an Entrecard ad on mine. Thank you, I appreciate the ECs. You have a thoughtful and perceptive way of expressing yourself.

But I’m curious … what prompted you to advertise on my site? Our subject matter is quite different, but sometimes I get EC ads from bloggers in completely different fields who happen to agree with me politically. But to the extent that you write about politics, it appears that you and I would be on opposite sides of more issues than not. In this post, for example, you appear worried that Congress will do too little to change the health care system… whereas I am worried that it will do too much.

In any event, thanks again. I’ll be back, I have hiking and homeschooling in my background, and I currently work in the food industry, kinda, so I’ve found a number of things that interest me.
.-= Kirk Petersen´s last blog ..Hope (and Ammunition) for Opponents of Socialized Medicine =-.


3 Will

Hi Kirk – I don’t only read people I agree with. Actually I would hope that nobody does that!


4 Kirk Petersen

Will, in my experience many, perhaps most, people DO only read people they agree with. But I’m with you.
.-= Kirk Petersen´s last blog ..Hope (and Ammunition) for Opponents of Socialized Medicine =-.


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