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In an interesting follow up to a post I wrote on Friday, I heard on NPR of  a poll that asked people about health insurance and their employment. Over 30% of the respondents said that if their health insurance was not tied to their employment, they would seek a different job. That stunned me, but as I do not remember the source of the commentator’s poll results, I do wonder if it is accurate. Eeven if the number is 1/2 of that, millions of people are staying in a job they don’t want because they are afraid of going without health insurance if they change. Some are probably concerned about the typical 3 month waiting period in a new job before they can sign on for insurance. Others may want to do a job where health insurance is not offered. Still others may want to start their own business where they know they will not be able to afford insurance premiums. And more may be worried about pre-existing condition exclusions.

What do you think? Are you or anyone you know in this situation?  Does this contribute to employment stability as one person said, or does it cause a big drop in productivity because of the huge numbers of people going to work everyday who really would rather do something else?  In this economy of official 10%, unofficial 20%, unemployment, does it even matter?  Even if health insurance was portable or universal, maybe there are no jobs for these unhappy workers to change to.

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Will Sig
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I definitely agree with the results of that poll. I know a handful of people who feel like they’re tied to their job because of health insurance. If it weren’t a potential risk to their health they would seek out a more satisfying or more interesting job, but instead they are “stuck” in a place they don’t want to be. -Mike


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My husband stays at his job so that we can have health insurance. When you have pre-existing conditions, you cannot get coverage outside of a company group policy. If you do get a policy that exempts those pre-existing conditions, it is very, very expensive.


3 Stephen Settle

I am also continuing my job only due to health insurance attached with my current job.


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