Here Comes Wal-Mart!


Wal-Mart has announced they will enter the organic food business in a big way. The chain has plans for selling organic food at or near the price of their conventionally produced food. Whew! I need some time to digest this one! I guess we should have seen it coming. Business Week currently has an article and I’m sure there will be much more written about this soon.

As it is said, the devil is probably in the details….. 

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Will Sig
1 Dianne - Bunny Trails

I still won’t shop there.

btw – it would be nice if you dated your posts, Will.
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2 Will

I used to have dates on the individual post pages. Now they are just on the posts on the listing on the home page and the archives. I had a few emails suggesting that many of my posts were not really date relevant and by showing them as a year or two old, discouraged comments. I thought about it and decided to try the suggestion. I am still not sure how it is working, although on some news related posts where the date is relevant, I think not having it there is a problem. I had an email yesterday suggesting that I take the dates off the comments also. Not sure if I’ll try that or not.


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