High Fat Foods Damage Memory


bacon_reduced We know how to make sure our memories stay sharp as we age. A new study says that memory is helped not only by eating vegetables, but by avoiding fatty foods.  A weak summary of the study is posted here, but as usual a paid subscription is required if you want to read the real results.  So looking at a summary in the New York Times said, it is said that eating fatty food appears to take an almost immediate toll on memory.  As is often the case when I read about something like this, I have obvious questions that do not appear to be addressed in the results.  The biggest is this:  What kind of fat was used in the study?  It seems pertinent to know if they used bacon grease, or olive oil, doesn’t it?

Although it is an interesting study, I don’t think it changes my approach….  Eat as many fruits and vegetables as you can.  When you do eat fatty foods, try to make them as healthy as possible.  Choose things like olive oil, fish, and nuts over less healthy oils, bacon, or pretzels.  Common sense, I guess.  I mean who does not know by now that a diet high in unhealthy fats and low in plant based foods, leads to fatigue, weight gain, and disease?

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Will Sig
1 Steve

hi Will,
I guess I’ll just have to eat more broccoli to offset the effect of the ice cream. 🙂
I agree with you. It would be nice when people talk about fat if they distinguished between, say, olive oil and beef fat. Not all fats are the same.
I was going to say something else but I forgot what it was. Too much fat, I suppose… ~ Steve, the forgetful trade show guru
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2 Tom

This study isnt that suprising but the more research that is done the more powerful the message that governments and policy makers will have to make reforms and encourage producers to drop prices and improve the quality of the food available for sale. I’m with you – eat more fruit and veg and only healthy fats.


3 Linda Prout

These studies rarely differentiate types of fats. Some fats nourish the brain. The brain is made of fat. Omega-3 fats from deep water fatty fish, grass fed beef and pastured egg yolks have been shown in thousands of studies to prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s.

It is most likely the high omega-6, inflammatory oils that are associated with memory loss (as diseases of aging including Alzheimer’s are associated with inflammation): corn oil, soybean oil, sunflower/safflower oils….. omega-6 fats also come from grain fed meats, the kind you see in most supermarkets. Then ALL met gets lumped into the “bad-fat” category.

Inflammation may also result from all the damaged oils we eat, which also promote inflammation: fried foods, old oils, overheated oils…..

It is too bad headlines like this stop people from eating healthy fats, like nuts, avocados, free range eggs, fatty fish, and grass fed beef and dairy — all fat-rich and nourishing foods for brain and body.


4 Will

Thanks for that Linda. You would think that these experts would be very aware of the importance of differentiating between the types of fats.

One of the things I am best about is eating healthy fats. So far today I have had salmon, olive oil, nuts, homemade pesto and an avocado. The only problem I have with the healthy fats is that they have just as many calories as the bad fats! But I am unfortunately addicted to olive oil. I literally can drink it. On the plus side I seem to have an pretty low bad cholesterol level and a high good cholesterol level.

I am curious why safflower oil is often on both the bad and good lists? You are not the only one I have seen say it is a bad fat, but I also see it listed as a good oil sometimes.


5 Will

Hey Steve – I had ice cream tonight even though I rarely eat it. Actually the bowl was probably 20% ice cream and 80% blackberries pick in the field out back just this afternoon. So I guess that goes on the “good” side eh?

Broccoli seems to fall off the menu in the summer even though it is probably my favorite vegetable. There are just too many in season veggies and fruit from my garden and local farms to leave room for broccoli this time of year.


6 Wilson Pon

Will, I’ve also read this news through the local newspaper. In this case, I would rather say that it’s safer to consume more grains, fruits and vegetables. It’s better to reduce the amount of the red meat!


7 Anna

Yes you tell them Will, lol. I still remember how much lard we used to eat where I grew up. Lol, no wonder every one was dieing of heart attack. So its not only memory get affected, lol. Anna 🙂
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8 Kumaran

Thats a good reminder. Easier said than done. When taking food none of these comes to my mind. I am adding more vegetables these days but not sure if have brought down my fatty foods. Need a reminder at the dinning table. lol.
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9 Stephen Settle

Hi Will,
I prefer Vegetarian food always as it has low fats as compared with pork or meat.


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