Hiking the 333 Trail


highway mile marker 333We found this great trail while geocaching at the Oregon coast.  The “333” refers to mile marker 333 on highway 101 between Brookings and Gold Beach, Oregon.  Immediately south of the 333 mile marker on the ocean side of the highway, is a parking area.  The 333 trail is a loop just under 5 miles long, descending though coastal rain forest, eventually connecting to a secluded beach.  Walking north up the beach just under a mile brings you to the point where the trail re-enters the forest for the climb back up to your car.

You can find the beginning spur of the trail just off the north end of the parking area.  This part of the trail connects the parking area to the 333 loop below.  Stay to the left as you hike down this first short section of trail.  There is an obvious trail off to the right just a little ways in, but that trail quickly becomes overgrown, steep, and difficult to navigate. The connecting trail from highway 101 to the 333 loop trail is only one or two hundred yards long. When you meet the loop trail, the best route is to go left. From this point it is less than 4 miles around the loop back to where you are standing.

The 333 trail is part of the Oregon Coast Trail.  Eventually the trail is to follow the coast from the Washington border down to the California border, a distance of about 350 miles.  At least 300 miles of the trail exists at this time.  I am not sure what the plans are for finishing the parts that are missing.  The trail connects back to highway 101 in many places so it is easy to find lots of great day hikes.  We have only hiked on parts of the trail south of Coos Bay.  Many of these sections offer spectacular views and hiking opportunities.  Other parts of the trail are easily accessible from state parks and towns.

If you enjoy geocaching,  there are hundreds to find along the Oregon coast, nine of them are hidden along the 333 trail.  Five were placed by MandalaMaMa, three placed by TrailSailor, and one placed by Arse&Hemi.  We found all nine on our hike!  If you find this post before hiking the trail, be sure to come back and let us know how it went.  The weekend we hiked the 333, parts of the Southern Oregon coast had 9 inches of rain over two days.  As you can see from the photos, we got soaked!  Still, it was a great hiking experience.  The Oregon coast in winter is a wet place!

I have made both a GPX file, used by all GPS and mapping programs, (definition of the the GPS eXchange Format here) and a GBD file, (used by Garmin GPS receivers), for the the 333 trail.  You can download them below:

Download the 333 Trail GPX data file

Download the 333 Trail GDB file

333 Hiking Loop

Click a photo for a larger version gallery

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Will Sig
1 JD Thomas

Hey Will, nice photos! I like the jquery slideshow element but you can save visitors some time by prescaling photos before you upload them… there is no chance you will need a height over 1000 or 1100px so scale the photos to that height (and proportional width). For example, Taft-110116-0886r.jpg is 1990px tall and 2049px wide so my computers had to download the whole 1.9megs when I reached it in the slideshow and I have a 26″ monitor that would have been happy with that image being half the size.

As far as the captioning, try this: Screenshot.

If that doesn’t cut it, try adding this to your styles.css or custom.css file:

dd.gallery-caption {
visibility: hidden;
height: 0px;
width: 0px;

That will keep them from showing in browsers but will leave them there for Googlebot and other crawlers that may benefit from the captions.


2 Will

Thanks JD. I missed re-sizing that one. I had made all the others 1000px wide with proportional width so I re-sized that one the same. It was a huge file at the original size. Putting the description as the title works for tonight although I think I will do the custom.css method when I have time.

There is one other odd thing I can’t figure out. The 333 highway marker was showing in the slide show. I did not want it to so I deleted it from the post gallery and put the file in a sub-directory. Then I linked directly to that file in the html. It correctly does not show in the gallery anymore, but it is still picked up by the slide show. Any idea why?

edit: I see now, I think. The lightbox plugin seems not to only get the photos from the post’s gallery. Any photo in the post, regardless of where it is stored is corralled by the lightbox and inserted into the slide show. So I guess there may be no way to leave out a photo. If it is in the post, it will be in the slide show unless there is a way around it I don’t see.


3 JD Thomas

Are you already using:


to keep it out of the gallery?

The thing you really need to do though is to remove the Link to File on the image 333 – when inserting it just use the None button to clear that out. The Lightbox works on links to images and if you are just putting a small inline image in place there is no reason the image should be a hyperlink to itself.


4 Will

Ah. Makes sense. All fixed. Thank you for the help!

Do you sleep JD? It’s after 2 am there! 😉


5 JD Thomas

I’m gonna crash soon. I took on a consulting gig and its been a lot of night and weekend work for the moment until I get a structure in place that will let me get more done with less time involved.


6 Anna

Oh I miss trails Will. We used to take vacation based on trails and lots of walking. Looked like you had stormy weather too. I had one of those once too, but it did not stop us from hiking for many hours. Sounds like a fun trail too on your part. Anna 🙂
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7 Tony McGurk

Great photos Will. They really look like they could’ve been taken along the Bird River hiking trail on the West Coast of Tasmania. Amazing likeness to that area


8 Tony

Great photos Will. They really look like they could’ve been taken along the Bird River hiking trail on the West Coast of Tasmania. Amazing likeness to that area


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