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Update Tuesday 3/4: Things are almost done. Thank you to Debbie at Bird on a Wire for suggesting the switch to Host Gator. So far they have been great with their customer service and support and I love using cPanel.

A very big thank you goes to JD at Techfun for answering my questions and helping with some frustrating technical issues. These problems were mostly related to a bug in WordPress that damages XML files exported using the WordPress export tool. The bug is discussed here, the WordPress ticket is here, and the code fix is shown here. Make sure you read and appy the fix before you ever use WordPress export. This bug has been in the code for many months, but will not be fixed until WordPress version 2.5 which, at least according to the WordPress Roadmap site, is still scheduled for March 10th.

I have a couple of plugins left to install and configure and a few more tweaks to the theme.  If you notice anything not working please let me know. All email is back to normal, including the "Contact" tab, above.

Thanks for your understanding and patience while I made this much needed move.


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Will Sig
1 Bob

Thanks for the heads up, looking forward to the new site.


2 Anna

Will good luck. Hope your new host will work for you well, I know some can be very temperamental, lol. Good luck and will be waiting for your blog to resume. Anna 🙂


3 Anna

Will, glad you are back with your blog. Everything looks great. Anna 🙂


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